20 jobs that could rebound in 2022

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After two years of living during the coronavirus pandemic, more job seekers are taking control of their careers, looking for positions that meet their professional, financial and personal needs.

“The vaccine rollout has boosted confidence, businesses are growing and after reassessing their professional and personal life goals, many Americans are switching jobs in ‘The Big Resignation,'” said Andrew Hunter, co-founder of the Adzuna job search engine. “The number of job vacancies posted has increased and job seekers who want to change companies, jobs or careers have a wide range of options to choose from. “

Adzuna recently analyzed the job postings on its website to identify the jobs that saw the biggest increases in vacancies last year compared to 2020. They found that jobs related to online shopping have seen a rise. sharp increases in demand. Positions in traditional business offices, such as receptionists and human resources, have also seen growth.

These results align with recent data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) which “shows that there have been consistent hires in these fields during the final months of 2021. What jobs are likely to be of interest to older workers? should continue to rebound this year. The following list of 20 such jobs is presented in general in no particular order. Clicking on the link in the job title will take you to a list of relevant vacancies on the AARP Job Board. All salary data comes from the BLS.

1. Warehouse worker

  • Median hourly wage: $ 22.71

Online shopping has exploded as people try to stay out of busy stores. This means that the demand for warehouse workers has also increased – by around 353% in 2021, according to Adzuna’s analysis. While you may not have to personally lift heavy objects, the job can still be physically demanding as employees struggle to keep up with incoming orders. Make sure you are ready for the task. before applying.

2. Tax preparers

  • Median hourly wage: $ 25.34

Tax season begins now. Economic stimulus laws passed over the past two years have also included tax code adjustments that could affect the way people file their returns. This means that there will likely be a high demand for preparers who are up to date with the changes to ensure families are accurately reporting their income. With around 38 percent of workers aged 55 and over, this seasonal occupation also tends to be popular with older workers.

3. Consultant recruitment

  • Median hourly wage: $ 30.52

The pandemic has prompted many people to re-evaluate their jobs, leading many to change careers, a phenomenon that has been dubbed the “big resignation”. With so many workers saying sayonara, employers have turned to human resources professionals to help them find candidates who match the needs of the company. The demand for recruitment consultants increased by 332% in 2021, according to the Adzuna report.

4. Secretary

  • Median hourly wage: $ 19.71

While the demand for secretaries is expected to decline steadily over the next eight years, employers currently continue to seek workers to replace secretaries who have left their jobs. This demand may be good news for older people, as nearly 78% of secretaries are 40 and over, and the average age for this profession is 48.

5. Office manager

  • Median hourly wage: $ 47.54

The omicron variant has postponed the return to the workplace for many large company employees, but the demand for office managers will likely continue to be strong in 2022. Since many corporate and professional services employees may work at home, hiring was stable. in these areas throughout the pandemic. As employees return to their workplace, office managers will play a key role in facilitating everyone’s return.

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