2022 Key Rewards Card Review – Forbes Advisor

Earn rewards

The Key Rewards card* earns 5% online and in stores of seven Williams Sonoma brands. Purchases of third-party products or services offered on the Website, gift cards, and purchases made outside of the United States are not eligible for rewards. As a welcome bonus, you’ll earn 10% on seven Williams Sonoma brands for the first 30 days of account opening.

If you qualify for the Key Rewards visa*, you’ll also earn 5% back online and at stores of seven Williams Sonoma brands, 4% back at grocery stores and restaurants (excluding fast food), and 1% back on everything else. It is best to use the physical card for in-store purchases. This is because while your credit card information may be saved to your Pottery Barn, West Elm, or Williams Sonoma account for online purchases, if you use a third-party payment account like Apple Pay or PayPal, you will only earn 1% whether you’re grocery shopping or shopping in West Elm.

Confusingly, Williams Sonoma Inc. also has a Silver Rewards loyalty program that earns customers 2% on qualifying purchases at their store, no card required. You can earn Silver or Gold rewards on every purchase depending on your payment method. Paying with your Key Rewards Card will earn you 5% Gold Rewards on purchases within the family of brands. However, these rewards cannot be combined. In other words, you will not earn your 5% Gold Key Card Rewards in addition to the 2% Silver Rewards from the Loyalty Program. Additionally, gift card and reward certificate purchases do not earn rewards.

Redeem rewards

All rewards are issued in the form of reward certificates for use at Williams Sonoma stores (excluding the Rejuvenation brand). Reward certificates are issued in $20 increments. Once you qualify for a reward, your reward certificate is automatically issued after a 30-day vesting period.

The default delivery method is by email if you have a valid email address on file. If you do not have a valid email address, your rewards certificate will be mailed to you. Reward certificates will not be reissued if lost or stolen and are not transferable.

Reward certificates expire 180 days after issuance. So be aware of the date if you plan to save certificates for a large purchase.

Rewards potential

To determine the rewards potential of the Key Rewards Card, Forbes Advisor uses data from various government agencies to determine base incomes and spending averages in various categories. The 70th percentile of salaried households brings in $100,172 a year and has $52,820 in standard expenses. Assuming that 50% of these expenses are charged to this card, the total annual expenses of the card would be $26,410.

Furniture and home decor are not purchases you make all the time. If you open your Key Rewards card to make a large purchase of $1,000, you’ll earn $100 worth of rewards certificates since your rewards are doubled for the first 30 days of the account. If you spend $500 more at William Sonoma Inc. during the year, you will earn $25 more.

If you open your account and make a purchase at least one month before your birthday month, you will also be eligible for a $25 birthday reward. People who open their account within the month of their birth must wait a year for this reward. This means that cardholders can reasonably earn around $150 the first year in rewards certificates and $100 in subsequent years assuming a similar level of purchases. For those who qualify for the Key Rewards Visa* and intend to use it as your primary card, you’ll also earn 5% back online and at stores of seven Williams Sonoma brands, 4% back at grocery stores and restaurants (excluding fast food) and 1% discount on everything else.

These households typically spend $7,452 on restaurants and groceries, earning an additional $298. Visa Key Rewards* cardholders also earn $174 on all other purchases for a total of $622 in first-year rewards.

Based on regular expenses, $1,500 assumes special purchases and may not represent annual expenses. Even if your spending at Williams Sonoma stays the same year over year, your income in your second year will likely be reduced since you won’t earn rewards on reward certificate purchases. In this case, you can only spend $878 at Williams Sonoma Inc., which reduces your store revenue to $44 and your annual revenue to $516 for your second year.

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