5 new features introduced in Football Manager 2022


Sports games have been the subject of a lot of scrutiny lately, with criticism mostly directed at franchises with annual releases. Fans and critics alike have been unhappy with what they perceive to be a lack of effort, as many shows like FIFA and NBA 2K tend to have only a small handful of changes each year.

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The Football manager the series doesn’t tend to receive as much criticism as most other annual sports games in this regard. However, that’s more because the current product already delivers a great single-player experience that most players are happy with, rather than because the series makes a lot of changes with each iteration.

This has led many people to buy only Football manager games every two or three years, choosing to stick with their save file and take it in the 2040s and 2050s. Sega and Sports Interactive appear to have responded to that, because Football manager 22 is set to launch this year on Game Pass, which will undoubtedly prompt players to close the book on their current careers.

Even if Football manager 22 doesn’t go against the trend of sports games by only implementing a handful of features each year, the ones that have been introduced are all worthy additions that make the latest game the best way to play the game. famous management series.

Large central rear

Wide central back role

With three-way and five-back teams becoming more and more popular in sports today, Sports Interactive has established a new role for defenders. The wide center-back role basically does what it says on the box, asking the left and / or right center-back to move widely into a full-back role when the team is in possession.

The role includes defense, support and even attacking duties, a rarity for the central defender role. With the attacking duty selected, the wide center-back will play almost like a winger in possession, intending to create overload on their side of the pitch, which is ideal for teams that want to pump crosses into the box.

Sheffield United are one of the few teams to have popularized the broad role of center-back. During their time in the Premier League under Chris Wilder, the team used wide center-back tactics, which worked wonders for them in their first season back in the top flight, taking many teams by surprise and helping them. to gain a shock. top half finish.

Match engine improvements

Match in progress

The Football manager The series’ match engine is one of its most controversial features. The visuals and animations are clearly below franchises like FIFA and eFootball, which immediately puts many new players out of the game and will likely cause many Game Pass users to snub the game.

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However, like many aspects of Football manager series, the match engine isn’t meant to look flashy; it is meant to be an accurate representation of how the manager’s tactics are implemented through team form, passing style, intensity of pressing, etc.

Like many of the series’ annual releases, the match engine received a few improvements this time around. A new animation engine has been implemented to make players look more natural and realistic, which is a good step in the right direction for the aesthetics of matches.

Data center

data hub next opposition

The Data Hub is one of the coolest new features of this year, adding more insight and tactical analysis than ever before. The Data Hub contains a plethora of useful statistics, numbers and charts on the manager’s team and the upcoming opposition. This data includes pass cards, cross accuracy, team form, XG performance, formation efficiency, shot accuracy and more.

Essentially, the Data Hub is what the Football manager is to allow managers to analyze the performance of their team from a tactical point of view and adjust their style of play accordingly.

Extended deadline day

deadline day screen with transfer details

Deadline day can be one of the most exciting days in the sports calendar. As the name suggests, the day is when the transfer window (the period during which clubs can buy, sell and lend players) closes, and the last time trades can be closed until the next window opens months later.

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You’d think teams worth hundreds of millions with armies of board members would be better prepared, but with every transfer window there are plenty of teams desperately trying to make deals before the deadline, like a kid trying to complete homework a few minutes before class. departures.

Football manager 22The extended due day of s is basically a staging version of the data hub that takes all the necessary information and bundles it into a clean, easy to view and understand package. The feature may not seem too important on paper, although it does serve its purpose of making the game’s deadline more engaging and exciting.

Redesigned staff meetings

Weekly meeting invatation

Meetings and regular communication with staff are a vital part of real life management that is often overlooked by Football manager players, who often spend an age trying to recruit the perfect staff member for their team and then only talk to them once every three years.

Football manager 22 aims to increase the manager’s willingness to talk to staff by refining his meeting function. The functionality schedules regular meetings with back office staff, who will take turns offering advice; the manager then has the choice of accepting or rejecting the advice at the push of a button, essentially turning the behind-the-scenes staff meetings into a management Tinder.

It seems that with the revamped staff meetings, the new Data Hub and a better-packed deadline – Sports Interactive aimed to make Football manager 22 more concise, which is a smart move with the new wave of managers expected to arrive from Game Pass.

Football manager 22The beta version of is now available on PC. The full game is slated for release on November 9 for PC, Xbox, and mobile. A Nintendo Switch version is also in the works.

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