5 reasons why Microsoft Edge is better than Chrome


Believe it or not, Microsoft has finally atoned for Internet Explorer. Last year, the company hit a restart button in a web browser effort and released a new version of Microsoft Edge. Included with Windows 10.. This new version is based on the same code as Google’s Chrome browser, so it offers similar performance and all works with the same extensions.

If Microsoft just cloned Chrome, it’s worth nothing more than a browser war trophy. But Edge is more than just an imitation. Since launching last year, Microsoft has amassed all kinds of useful features that Chrome lacks, and I’m happy to use Chrome as my primary browser.

If you’ve ever written off Edge due to past trauma in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Sneaky software update tacticsThis is why you should consider using your browser for good.

Vertical tab

Microsoft Edge allows you to place browser tabs on the left side of the screen rather than the top with a single click. It’ll probably feel weird at first – and can rub off the fact that it doesn’t reclaim space above the address bar – but just keep going for a few weeks, and you might never want to go back. . Perhaps. Arranging tabs vertically allows you to fit more tabs on the screen without losing sight of the page title. You can also temporarily hide the sidebar by clicking the left arrow at the top if you need more space to navigate.

bordverticaltabs Microsoft

It takes some getting used to, but Edge’s vertical tab bar makes sense.

Install the site as an application

Click on the “…” menu button and select “Applications” to see the option to install the current site as an application on your desktop. This way, you can launch your site in its own window without cluttering up your usual menus, and you can add your site to both the Start menu and the taskbar. This feature has radically changed the way we use the web, making it easier to access services like Gmail and Notion. Chrome offers similar functionality, but Edge turns web apps into star attractions. Manage permissions with one menu to see what you have installed.

edgeapps Jared Newman / IDG

Turn any website into an app and you’ll see Windows[スタート]It can be launched from the menu, the taskbar or the search button.

Convenient reading function

Press F9 on any web page or click the page icon to the right of the address bar to display a reader view where you can clear ads and adjust text. There is also a “read aloud” feature which you can access from the reader mode menu or by pressing Ctrl-Shift-U to convert text to speech on any web page. You can also adjust the playback speed and choose from many voices.

Edge reading mode Jared Newman / IDG

Edge makes it easy to read articles with just one click.


Think of this feature as a more sophisticated type of bookmark folder, rich in page descriptions, thumbnails, and notes. [+] Click the button at the top right of the screen to display the collection sidebar menu. From there start a new collection,[現在のページを追加]You can click to start compiling the link. In addition, right click on any tab[すべてのタブを新しいコレクションに追加]Select to save all open tabs at once. It’s a great way to save your current browsing window without leaving all tabs open forever.

bordcollections1 Jared Newman / IDG

Collection is a more elegant way to save all open tabs.

Tracking protection

While google Diriders For plans to remove tracking cookies from Chrome, Microsoft currently allows blocking third-party cookies. In the Privacy section of Edge’s Settings menu, in addition to three levels of blocking aggressiveness, you have the option of always using the strictest settings for your secret browsing session. Blocking these trackers will prevent your website from constantly collecting information about you while you are browsing the web.

Edge Privacy Jared Newman / IDG

Edge offers easy tracking protection right out of the box.

Where the edge is still worried

The only thing that really frustrates me about Edge is making Bing and Bing related services immediately available to Microsoft. You have to dig a little deeper to change these defaults.

For example, to define Google as a search engine Settings> Privacy, search and services, Then click Address bar and search It’s at the bottom of the menu. You can change the search engine here. Unless you change it, the new tab page will continue to use Bing. Search in a new tab option Address bar In the same way. If you set up multiple computers, Microsoft will not sync them, and you will need to change these settings on each computer.

Likewise, unless you press and select the gear icon at the top right, the new tab page will show Microsoft news and information. Customs Select a layout and Disabled content From the drop-down menu. (You can also try setting up another new tab page like this: Tabris..)

Finally, you can opt in or out of Microsoft’s shift to shopping-related features like price tracking and online shopping discounts. These features can be useful, but there are so many. Other Ways to Shop Smarter Online, Edge features can also be boring. The good news is that you can turn them off by going to Settings> Privacy, Search and Services, then uncheck Save time and money buying on Microsoft Edge..

But when it’s completely gone and Bingified is gone, Edge is finally worth using on a large scale. A little annoyance, or decades-old browser frustration, shouldn’t deter you from the best Chrome alternatives.

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