A significant new change to Instagram comes with a big problem

A once-exclusive feature will soon be available to everyone, starting with users in the US

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Instagram has announced that all US-based users will soon be able to tag products in their posts. Product tagging, a feature previously only available to certain business or creator accounts, allows anyone viewing a relevant post to browse additional information about all tagged products before purchasing them through the app’s in-app checkout .

Opening the feature to all users allows anyone to tag a brand in their post the same way they would tag another Instagram account. From there, they can add tags for specific products belonging to that brand.

Product tags can be placed in regular feed posts, videos, stories, and reels. Tapping on a tag takes the user to a product page with detailed information, images and price alongside a buy now button. Tagged products can also be saved in a dedicated shopping collection for later use.

According to The edge, there is no financial incentive for users to label products in this way. It is basically a free promotion for the relevant brands, which it is hoped that users will wholeheartedly provide.

However, Instagram is teasing the prospect of potential future revenue through an affiliate program, currently being tested, that allows eligible creators to earn a commission on sales generated through their product tags.

Businesses will be able to see all content tagged with their products and will have the ability to disable unhindered product tagging to prevent potential abuse due to the huge influx of additional users who will soon be able to use the feature.

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