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Agora Helps Cross-Border Ecommerce Businesses Achieve Significant GMV Growth Through Live Streaming

Posted on December 24, 2021

BEIJING – Today, some major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopee, AliExpress and Lazada have launched the live streaming feature. In the first half of this year alone, social media strategy enabled AliExpress to grow 2.5 times the number of users compared to last year.

When it comes to live commerce, apart from the familiar model of a single person hosting a live broadcast, the co-host is also gaining in popularity, mainly divided into host with guests, host with viewers, and competing with others. hosts. Additionally, live streamers can also connect with users in a live studio in real time, to share shopping experiences with them and answer their questions. Sellers of different brands can also connect with each other in live studios in real time, to improve the effect and sales of their live broadcast channel.

Agora’s one-stop e-commerce live streaming solution with ‘live streaming technology + innovative features’ is able to empower independent sites, company-owned sites and platforms of cross-border e-commerce. In addition, Agora can also provide real-time interactive features like auction, limited time coupon offer, flash sale and trading, etc. streaming, live virtual streamers, etc. It can meet the various needs of customers for live e-commerce. In order to enable cross-border e-commerce customers to quickly launch live studios, Agora has also partnered with several anchor syndicates to provide high quality hosts in multiple time zones, countries and languages ​​around the world.

The Software Defined Real-time Network â„¢ (SD-RTN â„¢) developed by Agora covers more than 200 countries and regions, with ultra-low latency, high concurrency and high availability. It has been specially optimized for the networks of small and medium-sized cities in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and China, with a high quality end-to-end global network transmission rate of over 99%. When it comes to low latency, SD-RTN â„¢ can achieve overall end-to-end network latency of less than 400ms and median latency of 76ms. In addition, its network architecture is capable of handling more than 10 times the load and up to ten million simultaneous connections, to meet the requirements of high fluidity, high stability and high simultaneity of voice chats in live streaming scenarios. direct electronic commerce in the special promotion of electronic commerce.

LiSA is a SaaS start-up with a mission to deliver the most joyful, transparent and scalable real-time shopping experiences to leading online retailers and markets around the world. After reviewing many SDK vendors for live video, LiSA decided to collaborate with Agora because Agora is the only platform capable of meeting LiSA’s demand for high quality and high quality interactive live streaming. reliability. Agora’s live commerce solution also supports multi-person voice chats, which is unique among other real-time shopping solutions in the market.

Abby is an innovative online shopping platform, which can enhance the shopping experience through real-time interaction between buyers and product experts. After using Agora’s live e-commerce solution, Abby conducted market research and found that over 62% of her users cited two-way communication with shopping experts as their preferred feature. Many users were also impressed with Agora’s seamless live video streaming, with over 80% of its users preferring Abby’s live streaming over Instagram Live.

In addition, Shopee, the largest e-commerce giant in Southeast Asia, the leading provider of live streaming services Kumu in the Philippines, the largest American unicorn of live commerce Whatnot, the UK platform of E-commerce live streaming OOOOO and the live streaming-based e-commerce company Popshop Live, all have significant income from Agora e-commerce live streaming solutions.

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