Amazon, Bezos land in hot water as US lawmakers accuse them of lying to Congress


If you’ve been following our stories on Amazon for awhile, you would be mistaken thinking that we are giving Amazon a hard time. But that’s the sad reality. In fact, I would like to report on anything although this multi-billion dollar multinational company has brought to the world, but unfortunately the bad news keeps coming. Of racial discrimination and sexual harassment allegations to continually mistreat staff, pay them low wages and even using algorithms to fire them, Amazon really doesn’t have a good track record. And now, thanks to a recent survey conducted by Reuters, we may add copying other products and faking search results to promote own brands to the list.

Amazon has been accused on several occasions of hijacking products it sells on its website and exploiting its wealth of internal data to promote its own merchandise at the expense of other sellers. To date, the company has of course denied all allegations. However, a recent Reuters report, which involved reviewing thousands of internal documents, such as emails, strategy documents, and business plans, suggests otherwise.

Reuters found that the company had waged a systematic campaign of counterfeiting and manipulating customer research results to bolster its own product lines in India, one of the company’s fastest growing markets. According to the report, the documents reveal how Amazon’s private brands in India secretly exploited data to copy products sold by other companies, then offering them on Amazon’s own platform. Employees also fueled sales of Amazon private label products by rigging Amazon search results so that the company’s products show up, as a 2016 strategy. report for India put, “in the first two or three […] search results ”when customers were shopping on

The multinational retailer has had a checkered history of allegations, particularly after employees who have worked on private label products accused the company of exploiting proprietary data from individual sellers to launch competing products and of manipulating research results to increase the sale of the product. company goods. However, recent findings, released by the Reuters investigative team on October 13, 2021, prove for the first time that the company is actively manipulating research results in favor of its own products and that top executives were instantly, or at least talk about it.

As the document states, two leaders discussed India’s strategy: Senior Vice Presidents Diego piacentini, who has since left the company, and Russell grandinetti, which leads Amazon’s international consumer activities. The results indicate that this was true for India, however, questions may be asked as to whether this rigging of research results is also occurring in other countries around the world.

In response to findings made by Reuters using the published documents, Amazon replied, “As Reuters has not shared the documents or their provenance with us, we are unable to confirm the veracity or not of the information and claims as indicated. We believe that these claims are factually incorrect and unfounded. He did not expand on or respond to questions raised by Reuters about the evidence in the clearly presented documents. Instead, he dismissed the allegations dismissively as soon as they happened. And given the company’s not-so-perfect track record, I bet more of the same cheating will be found in other countries soon.

Amazon has copied products and rigged search results to promote its own brands, new investigation finds

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