AT&T Partner Solutions helps accelerate business evolution

Programs improve customer experience and provide more ways to drive growth

Customers want choice, and AT&T Partner Solutions delivers more to the channel. Our award-winning programs empower solution providers, giving business customers more choice on how to transform through the power of our network. Through innovative technologies and a channel-driven culture, we offer solution providers multiple ways to get to market.

We are a leader in technology transformation and are committed to helping our solution providers and end customers adopt it. Between 2017 and 2021, AT&T invested more than $135 billion in our wireless and wireline networks, including capital investments and the acquisition of wireless spectrum. We are constantly innovating and raising the bar to provide new opportunities that will help solution providers reach more customers. Whether we provide industry-leading solutions, invest in better tools or support functions, our primary goal is to enable our solution providers to win in the market.

Solution providers are critical to our success. We help them win with targeted offers, sales tools and marketing support. Solution providers have more opportunities than ever to increase revenue by selling AT&T services. Here are some highlights of our programs:

  • More rewards: We are extending our incentives to all product sets, including AT&T Dedicated Internet AT&T Business Fiber, FirstNet and our ACC portfolio. We also offer bonuses for acquiring new customers. Solution providers can also choose the compensation plan that best suits them, from initial compensation plans to residual compensation plans.
  • Lead generation campaigns: We are introducing new lead generation campaigns across the channel with improved marketing support and targeting to help deliver more opportunities to our solution providers. Thousands of leads that coincide with our investments in the network and the expansion of fiber services for the acquisition of new mobility customers. Solution providers can align themselves with potential customers in fiber, mobility, or other product areas.
  • Access to more accounts: We are opening up more opportunities within our segments. Our solution providers now have access to thousands of business accounts that were previously restricted or required approval. Launched modules supported only by solution providers to expand acquisition into middle market accounts. This gives our community of solution providers more opportunities for new customer acquisition.
  • New ways to use Marketing Development Funds (MDFs): We have expanded our MDF program beyond events and guarantees. Solution providers can now use the funds to improve their web presence, API development and lead generation campaigns. This gives solution providers more flexibility to develop the tools they need to succeed.
  • New APIs and portal enhancements: We continue to provide our solution providers with the automated tools they need to transform their business. We recently added new portal tools and APIs to improve near real-time reporting. These enhancements reduce cycle times, improve control accuracy, and speed up processing. AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand is a revolutionary self-service networking solution that enables businesses to quickly expand their network and make near real-time feature changes through an easy-to-use Network on Demand portal. We have also added AT&T Managed Internet Backup as an add-on service to our AT&T Business Broadband service that enables solution providers to build a more robust managed services offering.
  • More training resources: We offer a range of training courses across our programs, including a wide range of webinars, training courses and information sessions covering technical sales, operations and business development initiatives. We’ve streamlined and simplified courses so our solution providers can use the information faster, and we continue to add courses and connect our solution providers to innovative resources to help them succeed.

We will continue to build on this momentum and drive growth and innovation in AT&T Partner Solutions by improving our platforms and technology and refining our support resources.

Additionally, we are focused on bringing new businesses to our distribution programs and creating new connections to drive growth and efficiency. Many customers look to their solution providers for guidance as trusted advisors. And if you’re not working with the right companies, now is the time to get on board. AT&T is here to help our solution providers reach new heights.

You can expect us to continue to challenge ourselves to create new and different ways to get to market. We are committed to helping solution providers grow and look forward to working with them to deliver differentiated solutions to their customers.

Come see the latest we offer to solution providers at Channel Partners Expo, April 11-14.

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