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There are seemingly endless buying options for silver bullion products. It can be almost intimidating to type in the search phrase “best place to buy money” online because the number of returns you get can seem overwhelming.

So where to start ? They can not all be the best places to buy money, right? We are going to take a look at how to find the right silver bullion traders for precious metals investors.

Old silver coins from around the world.

Decide where to buy money and why

So you are looking for the money and don’t know where to start… You may need to dig a little deeper when looking for the right precious metal dealer. Here are some things to consider when looking for the best place to buy money:

Customer reviews

When looking for a new restaurant to try, don’t you usually go through reviews first? Does the restaurant have good service? Bad food? Average drinks? These are all things you want to know before you hit the bar or sit down at the table. The same goes for finding the best company to buy money from … see what other customers are saying first!

Professional Affiliations

Silver dealers that have been around for a while or do a lot of business tend to belong to large networks of industry professionals. It can be a very good thing for customers. Well-connected resellers are both able to offer a larger offer and a larger selection of money and will always do their best to keep their solid reputation alive. Money merchants who belong to professional organizations such as the National Coin & Bullion Association and the National Inflation Association are worth looking out for.

Inventory and selection

It makes sense to find a silver dealer who sells what you’re looking for, doesn’t it? Save time and effort by making sure early in your search for a dealership that the one you are considering offers what you are looking for. Even if you can’t find exactly what you want in the dealer’s physical or online inventory, be sure to ask. They may simply not have listed or displayed what you are looking for yet, or they may have an internal connection in their network with someone who is.

Online store versus bricks and mortar

Buying money online is nothing new. Collectors and investors have been turning to the internet to buy silver since the 1990s and early 2000s. Even still, many prefer to buy silver in person from a physical store, and there are many options for it. those who wish to pay and return their money on the same day – a clear advantage when purchasing anything in person. Of course, there are many advantages to buying online as well, including convenience. Where else can you buy cash in your pajamas at 1 in the morning?

If you are looking for a good place to buy cash, you should consider a reseller that offers both online and physical options. Many dealers have a physical storefront to buy cash and offer an eCommerce portal to buy silver coins, silver bullion, and silver rounds online. This can be an ideal situation for those who want to buy silver as it will give them a single source of trust for their metals. They can buy in person if they prefer during office hours or place orders online after office hours.

showroom 01

Some physical silver merchants have a showroom where they assist customers.

Brick and Mortar Silver Dealer Options

In the old days (like in the 1990s?), If you wanted to find a silver merchant, you would open the phone book and look under “Coin Dealers” or “Bullion”. You will find a list of locations within the geographic limits of your area code. Today you have the option of simply typing “Silver Resellers Near Me” into your search engine, and – abracadabra – a map will appear on your device telling you exactly where all the resellers near you are located. . Easy peasy!

Coin dealers and bullion dealers are the two main physical options for those who wish to purchase silver in person. Every major city usually has at least a few of these locations. You can always call ahead and see if they have what you’re looking for before you visit them. But sometimes it’s more fruitful and even more fun to just stop and see what they have in their bags. It often happens that you find exactly what you are looking for without even knowing you want it.

Of course, the basics of finding the best silver trader apply when looking for bullion in person. Make sure you select a silver bullion reseller who is affiliated with reputable industry organizations and has positive reviews from other customers! This advice is especially true when you are also buying gold coins.

Also make sure that the reseller repurchases any products they offer for sale. Many investors don’t realize how important this is. Anyone who sells gold, silver, and other metals without buying them back from you should be avoided.

silver bar

Silver bars often have the lowest price per troy ounce of all silver products.

Online Money Reseller Options

If your search for the best silver merchants remains on the information superhighway, you have a plethora of options for buying precious metals online. There are many large silver merchants whose sole purpose as a business is to buy and sell silver coins, rounds and bullion over the internet. And there are a lot of those places there.

Always compare the prices of online bullion dealers with your local coin store before buying. The price of the item you want may be lower there, even though the online reseller offers free shipping. Compare the premium (or mark-up) of each product to the current spot price of silver to get an idea of ​​its price. You should strive for the best value for money.

Your best choice for buying money online

Having said that, the best place to buy cash online is Gainesville Coins. It is a major bullion dealer headquartered north of Tampa, Florida. The company also operates brick and mortar sites around the world. This makes it one of the largest online distributors of precious metals in North America.

They have been in business since 2006 and have received endorsement from prestigious consumer organizations such as the National Inflation Association, which bestowed on Gainesville Coins the award for best bullion and awarded other accolades to the online silver merchant. based on unbiased reviews of gold and silver sellers. They also maintain an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Gainesville Coins offers a wide range of silver coins, rings and bars, including:

Gainesville Coins can even help you include silver and gold in a Precious Metals IRA. They will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on the silver products that best suit your personal taste or investment goals. Their team of professionals are all trained by experts in silver bullion. They also back every purchase with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Ready to buy silver bullion coins from Gainesville?

You can buy the highest quality silver right now at Gainesville Coins. They generally have the lowest prices of all of our gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper items including coins, rings, and bullion. Browse the inventory available on their site with the links below, or visit their home page at

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