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Amazing offers on all of our favorite products.

Wake up, brush your teeth and play in the games room anthem for sale, for sale, for sale – because it’s true, we hoist the main mast of our sales vessel and cross a vast ocean full of pelagic e-merchants to bring you, our dearest (and only) friends, the best deals of the week.

That’s right, it’s time for the best things on sale this week, where we don our virtual butterfly catching suits, research the best goodiez for sale on the wild and wild web, and compile a list of our favorites. Last week’s deals took us through the world of retro jackets and foam rollers that double as water bottles. So what is marked this week? Dyson Dual Action Vacuums, Heaters and Whisperers; plus, leather shoulder bags, futuristic rain jackets and small wand vibrators to carry your little dogs, keep you dry and dry, and rub you on the couch on cold days during those chilly fall days . Also, a stoneware soap dispenser and an Abercrombie loot. (Yes, you read that right.)

Buy and soak up that sweet, sweet serotonin that comes with retail therapy.

It’s time to finally replace all those plants that you let wither and die

I’m kidding ! We know that you are a super responsible (usually!) Green plant parent in our lives. The threshold has a sale on ficus trees, so get some new friends for your home or as a housewarming gift for your friends who have just moved to a sick new place that you are not at all jealous of.

The threshold

Large fig tree with violin leaves

You Can Finally Make All These MUNCHIES Recipes

This KitchenAid stand mixer for sale is the final boss in assembling an arsenal of Avengers-style kitchen appliances. It’s perfect for so many things, from mixing and crushing dough to kneading and incorporating dough. You also don’t have to use it once – its mere existence on your countertop is the greatest home chef power move you can hope to make – and right now it’s 60. % reduction thanks to Walmart’s First Black Friday Deals, which include technology, housewares, fitness equipment and more. But yes, we want homemade cookie dough.

Cooking aid

KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer

A portable blanket to get you through the handcuff season

Don’t deny it, you’ve always secretly wanted a blanket with arms. This portable hooded blanket is 23% off (plus an additional 20% off if you cut the coupon), has a five-star rating from over 1,800 satisfied customers, and looks like what my ancestors wore to go through the rough. Scandinavian winters.


Bedsure portable hooded blanket

You only have one set of teeth …

That’s why you should take great care of it, lest you end up like those women on TikTok doing reverse cat fishing videos where in the end they reveal all of their teeth are dentures. And honestly, no disrespect to denture life, but we’re trying to hold on to our own chompers, FWIW. In any event, Neiman Marcus has a big old sale right now – it ends this weekend, so get moving – offering $ 50 off purchases valued at $ 200 +; $ 100 discount on purchases valued at $ 400 or more; and $ 275 off purchases valued at $ 1,000 with the code SAVE NOW. What to grab? In addition to SMEG devices, Dutch ovens Staub, and a velor costume or something, Foreo’s Issa 2 sonic toothbrush, which has soft silicone bristles and 16 adjustable cleaning modes.


Foreo ISSA 2 sonic silicone toothbrush

The cunnilingual simulator that gives us heart eyes

Lords of sexual well-being LELO have a sale on their line of toys with sonic vibrations, which includes several bestsellers, but perhaps the most alluring, the Enigma, which is one of the latest additions to the brand’s premium orgasm collection. With its clitoral suction and G-spot stimulator combined, it’s a dual stimulator that really keeps on giving (the cummies) – and right now it’s 15% off.

A Madewell blazer that is secretly a mini down jacket

Right now in Madewell you can get up to 30% discount lots of cool fall stuff (sweaters, jackets, etc.) using the code GOSPREE, which in this case means saving nearly $ 40 on this menswear-inspired plaid jacket that looks like a blazer, but is quilted and quilt-like enough to wear all winter long.


Quilted checked jacket

Instantly become a functional adult with clean floors

Right now suck the masters Dyson are offering $ 50 off the Dyson V10 Absolute and Dyson V8 Absolute, plus free shipping and additional tools through October 30. To have a Dyson is to love one. The five-second rule can become the five-hour rule when your floors are this clean.


V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum

You’re gonna spend more time in bed, so you gotta have a good one

Yes, our winter hibernation is approaching, that’s why we want to optimize it with the best possible mattress, like a dreamer Satva, known for its premium, organic, natural and hypoallergenic memory foam mattresses. Right now, the Kings of Sleep are offering $ 200 off mattress orders valued at over $ 925, though this deal ends Monday, October 25, so get yourself a classic spring or Loom & Leaf ultra premium memory foam mattress as soon as possible.


Weaving and leaf mattress

A radiator to make your feet explode under your desk WFH

There will soon be a quick AF, and sometimes woolen socks and proboscis monkey slippers are not enough ! This is where the Lasko ceramic adjustable thermostat heater comes in. It has 11 different temperature settings, a convenient carrying handle and built-in overheating protection. (It’s also mostly on sale right now.)

Moose is cowardly

And that’s a full charge directly to your shopping cart. Abercrombie, in case you didn’t mind, is cool again, and the brand is currently offering a 15% sale on all of its products, including these perfect men’s camo joggers and women’s sherpa jackets. for layering (and fine, if you want to use the word “shacket” we can live with that).

Abercrombie & Fitch

Twill jogging pants

Abercrombie & Fitch

Sherpa shirt jacket

‘Blade Runner’ is our aesthetic all year round

If you’re not plugged into the Scandinavian rainy weather brand Rains, welcome to the party. The simple lines and smooth matte finish of the company’s Taupe rain jacket scream, “I know how to dress and I’m dry.” It’s $ 45 off right now, and we’re always on the lookout for rain jackets that don’t make us look like a rubber duck.

Destroy your noodles

It’s not a Theragun – although we do – but it crushes you bis, sort, and thigh just as well. The Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massager targets deep tissue to help relieve muscle pain and stiffness, improve circulation, and help expand your range of motion. Plus, it’s $ 100 off right now.


Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massager

You are not a bowl of soup

So stop washing your hands in dish soap, Brad. Instead, save 30% on this Kerry Brooks Crackle Stoneware Soap Dispenser from our favorite supplier of wacky and amazing products, Uncommon products. Go green by ditching the endless chain of plastic bottles and collecting soap refills from Blueland.

Kerry Brooks

Cracked stoneware soap dispenser

They probably didn’t have that wand at Ollivander’s

Unless you bought your copy of Harry Potter from your local mall’s adult video store which is sort of still in business. Anyway, if you know us, you know we’re big fans of discreet sex toys, and the Le Wand Petite Wand is no exception. (It’s like the little sister of the Hitachi Magic Wand, one of the most beloved and praised sex toys of all time.) Despite its light appearance, it packs a punch with 10 powerful vibration intensities and six vibration patterns. It’s also wireless and USB rechargeable, which is what we love about Mother Earth. Remember to use the code PUBLICATION DATE at checkout, and get 33% off.

The Baguette

The Wand Petite Wand (Metallic Edition)

For when you bring your sk8r friend to the beach

This napkin, which tastes much better than the beer it displays, is both absolutely sick and nasty on sale. Designed in collaboration with Coors — shocker — this sustainably sourced towel is soft, absorbent, and non-fading, so your days at the beach (or bathroom towel racks) can be filled with Fall Fuckboi energy. As the temperatures get colder, it’s 40% off right now, but its good vibes will bless you until next summer, when you can show it off at the beach again.

Slow tide

Coors Beach Towel

See you next week.

The game room staff independently selected all of the items featured in this story.

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