Boost Mobile will let you pay your phone bill by watching ads and playing games

Boost Mobile customers now have a new option to save on their phone bill. They can reduce it – or pay for it entirely – by watching ads and playing games.

Customers can use the carrier’s new BoostOne app to watch ads, play simple games and engage with Boost partners to earn the coins that will cut pennies off their bill at a time. This could be a welcome way to save some money, especially considering how expensive the best unlimited data plans are.

A Boost executive said ads for in-game rewards on Fortnite and Candy Crush inspired the carrier’s new payment model. “It’s time to move beyond the old ways and embrace digital models that are proven and popular in other industries,” Stephen Stokols, executive vice president of Retail Wireless’s Boost, said in a press release. .

Customers will have to spend time to save money. One of the carrier’s so-called Boost Coins shaves a penny off its bill, and in a video demonstration, watching an advertisement lasting several seconds, the viewer received two Boost Coins. There is also a “spin to win” wheel that gives players between five and 500 coins, which equals 5 cents and $5.

Boost didn’t provide other examples of how long it will take to pay your phone bill, but given these low payments, it could take a while, especially since the average phone bill costs consumers $144 per month, according to CNBC.

And Boost plans to expand the uses of its watch and earning currency, as Boost Coins will eventually be redeemable for new phones. Some consumers might not be interested, but for Boost, it’s another experiment to find alternatives to the current payment method.

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