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The new payment method of the future aims to pay pension and benefits to clients through new, innovative, secure and efficient payment methods.

Customers are encouraged to open a regular account such as a bank, building society or similar account as soon as possible.

Payment to a regular account is the preferred method of payment as it is considered the most efficient, secure and reliable method of payment.

Customers who cannot open or manage a general account may be paid to the bank account of a trusted friend or family member or will be offered to migrate to the new payment exception service, which will mainly use the Paypoint and Post Office network to cash the vouchers.

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This will allow clients to access funds in a wider range of places and locations in the future.

A spokesperson for the Department for Communities said: “The majority of personal bank customers are now able to withdraw or deposit cash and checks and make balance requests at post office counters, which means that transferring payments to a regular account doesn’t need to change the way customers collect their money at their local post office.

“The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Department of Communities are committed to ensuring that as many clients as possible are supported to switch to a general account before the end of the contract.

“Customers who do not open a general account will automatically be migrated to the new payment exception service to ensure future continuity of benefit and retirement payments. “

The ministry says it recognizes that some customers may have difficulty changing their payment method and need help choosing an account that’s right for their situation.

Support is available through:

– A dedicated free phone service (0800 085 7133) has been set up within DWP and offers POca users the ability to ask questions and request assistance in choosing an account that meets their needs; or

– Advice NI (0800 915 4604 or or Money Advice Service (0800 138 7777 or, for free independent advice.

More information on the payment of benefits and pensions can be found here.

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