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No loan is free, but borrowing money doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a look at our tips for finding or creating conditions for cheap loans . See for a summary

Of course, since the interest rate is the cost of a loan, you want to find a loan with the lowest interest rate possible. When you apply for a loan, the interest rate is determined individually based on your personal financial circumstances. Basically, the lender is making a risk assessment of how likely you are to repay the money. A loan will only become really cheap when you already have a steady economy. But there are several things you can do to be able to borrow cheaply or increase your chances of borrowing money. Here are some important things to remember:

Find cheaper loans by comparing lenders

Find cheaper loans by comparing lenders

The key to finding the cheapest loan is to compare different banks and lenders. Private loans, which can be taken out without collateral and in some cases despite payment remarks, are the most common form of loan online. The interest on these loans is always set individually, which means that no offer is the same. By comparing loans, you allow lenders to compete for you as a customer, which pushes down interest rates. As all lenders turn to different customers, a comparison also increases the chance of finding the lender who can offer the most favorable loan for you.

Before comparing loans, we recommend that you read on for smart tips on how to optimize your application and increase the chance of low interest rates. Do you want to apply for a loan at once, you can compare private loans quickly and free with Jason Mabahala here!

Cheaper loans if two are applying

When you apply for a loan, the bank makes an assessment of whether you can repay the loan or not. If you do not have enough income to borrow on your own, a co-borrower is a good alternative. Your joint income is then assessed as one, which gives you the conditions to get a cheap loan with favorable terms.

Old loans can make it harder to get cheap loans in the future

Old loans can make it harder to get cheap loans in the future

Do you have old credits that you forgot or didn’t bother to finish? Then it may be a good idea to review these, as they affect the assessment of you as a potential borrower. The fewer existing loans and credits you have, the better it is for your credit rating and thus better for your chances of getting a low interest rate.

Collected loans are cheaper loans

If you have several expensive high-interest loans, you can try to convert them into a larger cheaper private loan. On the one hand, the interest rate is usually lower on a private loan than what you pay for all your existing small loans together, and on the other, you get fewer expenses to keep track of. When you can show that you handled your payments over time, you can also try to renegotiate the interest rate to make the loan even cheaper.

Take as little credit information as possible

Individual applications from many different lenders entail a credit report per loan application, which can lead to impaired creditworthiness. This, in turn, creates worse conditions for getting a cheap loan, since the credit rating weighs heavily when the lenders make their individual assessment of you. Jason Mabahala mediates private loans from over 35 banks and lenders. When you compare loan terms through us, we only do one credit report.

Pitfalls to watch out for

It has never been easier than now to take out a loan. You push a button and heck there is the money in the account. But many of the “cheap loans” you can take online are, in fact, expensive, as there are fees and effective interest rates that are easy to miss as you go through the terms. The most important thing to be aware of is the effective interest rate which is the actual cost of the loan. So even if you think you have found a loan with a low interest rate – read through the fine print an extra time and figure out what the total cost really is. Never take the first best offer. In addition to interest rates, repayment time and additional fees are factors you should always look for before borrowing money.



Do you have a habit of solving small loans with small loans? It is a pattern that does not last long. Smaller loans often have bad conditions, which is quickly noticed if you neglect to repay them on time. When small loans grow at a high level, interest costs become soaring and without a stable economy, this leads to debts and payment remarks that can take a long time to be free of. If you have problems paying off your existing loans, the chances of getting new loans with good interest rates also decrease.

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