Contactless payment issue as supporters are charged twice for catering purchases at Celtic Park

If you were at Celtic Park on Wednesday night – or any recent game – for the game against St Mirren and bought anything from the in-ground catering services then you will have paid by contactless or certainly by card as Celtic no longer accept the species. It can be hit or miss whether the internet is working well enough to allow the contactless method to work. So you often see fans scratching their heads trying to remember their PIN code when they have to insert their card into the little machine.

Anyway it seems the cost of your recent purchases be it like me macaroni pie and coffee – was at the game myself mid week as my boy could do it – than the price you paid will have turned out to be much higher than expected. Double in fact as it seems many supporters were charged twice for their pie and drink purchases.

And if you spot the error yourself (kudos for being so observant) then you’ll have to circle around to fix the problem with Celtic directing you to your map provider and saying it’s actually of a Celtic problem.

Here is a taste of what is being said. With the first supporter who talks about a previous match or who has simply mixed up his days.

“I just saw a friend tweet that he was charged double when he used his card at Celtic Park on Sunday to buy food during the game. I just checked my account and I’m the same, I advise you so check it out. @CelticFCSLO is this a known issue?”

John Paul Taylor, Celtic FC SLO confirmed he was saying: “Yes, it appears there is a problem with the card provider, I would recommend you contact them for advice, send me an email as well. -email with details please, thank you and apologies.”

The claim that it’s a card provider issue seems odd – how do they know I just bought a pie and a drink rather than the two I usually buy, which they would see s they looked at my account? And other fans seem to agree.

“Rbs advise contacting Celtic to correct this error. It’s unacceptable that Celtic don’t have cash options and when mistakes happen it’s our problem, not the clubs. The club should make a statement about it and not the fans complaining to JP on Twitter. Absolute shambles,” Stefan said. I can’t agree more, Celtic really need to reinstate the cash payment option, especially as the current plan isn’t fit for purpose.

“No problem with the card provider. It is late Celtic. It happened to me after the game on 2/20/2022 and after Wednesday. Usual to Celtic, not our fault, deal with it yourself,” 1888 said.

“I am the same JP. I work in tech, I’m not entirely sure the problem is with the card provider, as I’m a different bank than others in the thread. Might be a problem closer to the terminal as it took me 3 payment attempts. The first 2 seemed to have failed at one point, but it looks like one didn’t,” added Martin Bate. As I said, the current system struggles to be described as fit for purpose.

Many other fans have now checked in and found it happened to them on Wednesday night or in previous games. “It happened to me a few weeks ago”…”It also happened to my son on Wednesday evening”…”Mine was also charged twice, I just noticed it”…”I was charged twice at St Mirren game”…” Just checked mine, same, charged twice!”…”I’m the same too”…”Yes I’m the same”…”Yeah me too. Only £2.60 but twice as expensive.

A solution: “Yip me to. I just contacted my bank and filed a debit card dispute yesterday. The money was refunded to my account by cob yesterday.

“Good product! Well done buddy.

In the meantime, it’s certainly worth taking a quick look at your bank account to see if you’ve been hit with any double charges.

Celtic really need to consider bringing back the cash payment option as many supporters – myself included – will be extremely reluctant to pay by contactless the next time we attend a game.

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