Coutloot Launches Auto-Trading Feature On Its Platform, IT News, ET CIO

Coutloot, the Indian social commerce platform built on the lines of Taobao, has launched a feature that allows buyers and sellers to trade automatically.

The “Auto-Negotiate” feature provides the buyer with a preset bargain price in a chat box. The buyer can then select and offer a favorable price, which he deems fair for the product.

“India has always been an assisted buying market where we buy through assistance through upselling and getting the right price from the seller through negotiation. Coutloot brought offline retailers and street vendors to sell online for the first time in their lives and made it possible for buyers to negotiate directly with the seller without having to wait for the seller to be in. line. Our auto-negotiation feature allows a fast deal to be reached between buyer and seller instantly, ”said Jasmeet Thind, founder of Coutloot, in a statement.

The platform provides an online space for more than six local lakh vendors to sell their products across the country. The products sold on Coutloot are native and do not even carry an MRP label. So while Coutloot helps these sellers get the best price for local products, buyers can purchase products within their budget.

Taking a step forward with the chat and negotiation feature, Coutloot also recently rolled out a chat feature in 12 different Indian languages ​​which broke down language barriers between sellers and buyers, helping smaller sellers and smaller sellers alike. more distant to access a large platform.

“By analyzing billions of data points on Coutloot, we found that pricing and talking to sellers boost buyer intent and confidence, which helps sellers sell quickly and close the deal. price. That’s a boon for both vendors, and Coutloot’s mission is to humanize and Indianize e-commerce for a billion people, and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when you can aggregate what’s happening. is already happening on a large scale, ”added Thind.

Founded by Jasmeet Thind and Mahima Kaul, Coutloot is a platform that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate while shopping. It helps sellers to list non-MRP and unbranded local market products in fashion, electronics, home decor, sports and other boxed categories which currently make up 75% of the retail industry in India.

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