CREDAI calls the pains of childbirth

By Iffath Fatima

The body writes to Work Commissioner, calculation questions, use of cease work

Confederation of Real estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) recently wrote to the labor commissioner Akram Pasha regarding issuing notices against builders regarding initial payment for labour. He also raised some issues, including the calculation method and the use of the labor tax.

CREDAI Bengaluru is a leading body of property developers in Karnataka, acting as a bridge between policy makers and developers. He said in his letter that several of his members had received notices of payment for labor and other charges.

“With the economy slowly returning to normal, we as developers are slowly returning to normal. present themselves for the payment lead to the need to dispute it at the Supreme Court. This is not only a waste of our money and resources, but also of your department and the court,” the letter reads.

Furthermore, he said the High Court said that labor charges cannot be charged in advance at the time of application but must be collected in instalments as required by law.

“Despite the said judgment, our members are still receiving formal notices for payment of labor in advance. Such notices of formal notice are not only unlawful but ex facie disregarding the judgment of the High Court referenced above,” he said.

the Supreme Court stated that the labor tax should be calculated only on the cost of civil construction and not on the total cost of construction. CREDAI requested to be included in the Karnataka building and Worker Welfare Council aka the “Wellness Council”.

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