ESH LTD Commissions Factory, Launches All-Natural Foaming Hand Sanitizer –

Environmental Science Hygiene (ESH) LTD, Nigeria, a subsidiary of Environmental Science Hygiene, UK, has launched Palm Tree Hygiene Foaming Hand Sanitizer.

The product is the first all-natural foaming hand sanitizer produced, manufactured and distributed in Nigeria.

The premium hand sanitizer was launched in tandem with the commissioning of ESH’s state-of-the-art factory in Ikeja, Lagos on Tuesday, February 15, 2022.

The uniqueness of Palm Tree Hygiene Hand Sanitizer comes from the process of extracting alcohol which is naturally sourced and distilled from the sap of the palm tree, without any harm to the tree and no harmful impact on the environment.

The product also moisturizes and gives off a coconut scent, helping to decongest the nasal passages.

The premium sanitizer which has proven effective in the fight against zoonotic germs, such as viruses, parasites and fungi, is first certified in the UK to European standards EN1276 and by NAFDAC in Nigeria.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sam Awolesi, Managing Director of ESH LTD Nigeria, shared the inspiration for the product. “It is with humility and years of constant research that we are proud to announce the launch of the world’s first foaming hand sanitizer made from all-natural ingredients. When we began this experiment, we had the knowledge and industry knowledge and we have found that 80% of customers, whether individuals or organizations, prefer foam over gel or liquid sanitizers.It is with this learning of the health industry coupled with years of in-house expertise we are pleased to introduce this innovative product sourced from local palms, fresh from nature’s palm to yours.

Also speaking, Ms. Sola Adebowale, Managing Director, ESH LTD Nigeria expressed her excitement for the launch. “We are extremely honored to announce such a unique product, Palm Tree® Hygiene Foaming Sanitizer. At the onset of covid-19, we saw the need for an all-natural sanitizer that was effective in protecting humans while being sustainable for the environment. A product that will be instrumental in helping healthcare facilities prevent the spread of infectious viruses.

So, for three years, we embarked on the quest to bring PalmTree® Hygiene Foaming Hand Sanitizer to the public. We believe that this product will appeal to individuals, but more so to institutions who are looking for disinfectant products that meet the health needs of families, employees or patients.

It is also exciting to do so while creating opportunities for SMEs to grow their business. We have built a world-class factory that small and medium-sized businesses can leverage to produce and package their products. »

Commenting on the sustainability efforts of ESH Ltd, Ms. Solape Hammond, Special Advisor, Development Goals and Investment, Lagos State, commended the initiative.

It is exciting to see another company in Nigeria passionate about proliferating and promoting sustainable and eco-friendly products. With the launch of the product and the commissioning of the plant, this will create new jobs and diversify our economic source of GDP while increasing the economic viability of our country.

The state-of-the-art factory was built with the aim of supporting small and medium enterprises in the country by giving them access to the factory to manufacture their products.

Nigerian SMEs would employ a larger percentage of the population. Recognizing the significant contribution of SMEs to the economy, ESH LTD Nigeria has commissioned its factory at full capacity to help local businesses package their goods for sale.

The fully equipped factory offers small businesses the opportunity to use world-class and approved equipment in their production and packaging process.

Environmental Science Hygiene (ESH) Ltd, Nigeria is a wholly owned subsidiary of Environmental Science Group (ESG), UK with over 24 years of experience in the field of environmental hygiene.

The company is involved in safety, Workplace Activity Safety Data Sheets (WASPs), chemical hazard identification and the provision of on-site COSHH monitoring services, LEV testing and chemical risk assessment.

The natural progression of ESH Ltd Nigeria will be in the development and manufacture of hygiene products and will include hand sanitizers, sprays, medicated soaps, surface/floor wipes and disinfectants.

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