Features to prevent Apple Glass users from bumping into real-life objects as well as tamper-proof camera indicators will likely come with the Apple / Digital Information World AR headset.


Wearable augmented reality devices are the next step in modern technology. Virtual reality devices have been around for quite a while and are famous among gamers, but now is the time to introduce augmented reality in the form of glasses.

Apple, as a tech giant, is always ready to get involved in the innovation of such devices. Lately they’ve been working on their own device to showcase augmented reality and named it Apple Glass. It is believed that these Apple Glass are going to have a huge impact on everyone. Given that the AR devices will be made on the same concept of VR device and in light of the articles published by Apple insiders, it can be expected that Apple has studied these VR devices extensively and results of these studies will be visible on their product.

Apple is focused on solving two main eyewear issues. As predicted by the tech giant, both of these issues relate to user safety. The first problem is to make sure that while the Apple Glass is on, the user will not bump into anyone or anything in real life. The other problem is that while the camera is on or a video is being recorded, the surrounding people are kept in the loop, so if someone tries to record anything without approval, they can’t do it. .

Starting with shock protection, Apple has decided to put a line that will divide the real world from the virtual world. They will accomplish this by adding images of the surroundings in the AR device. This will give the user an idea of ​​the surroundings. The concept behind this is similar to how the proximity sensor works in a car. An image will be shown to the user each time they approach a nearby object.

According to Apple, the insertion of images of nearby objects is an initiative to ensure safety against any type of accident. The company appreciated the team that made this possible, but even suggested other ways to make it happen, including adding speakers with an opaque screen or using optical reflectors or maybe a combination.

The developers not only work to insert the images, but they also work on how the image will be displayed. For example, if the image is too large, it can impact the user experience both in the AR world and in the real world. They also work on how quickly the image will adapt based on the movement of an object. For example, if a ball is kicked, it will work accordingly, just like reality, where as the ball moves away from the user, its size will decrease. This is how Apple plans to provide a safe experience for its Apple Glass users.

The other issue is to ensure the safety of people around an Apple Glass user. This will be done by notifying people when the camera is recording them. This feature is already present in MacBook Pro where every time the camera records something a white light comes on which is present on the back to inform others. However, this light can be covered with adhesive tape. This is why they are taking a head start for Apple Glass. The developers are working on features that won’t let anyone tamper with the external metrics while recording a video. And in case someone tries to tamper with it, the video will stop recording.

Apple has introduced ways that can prevent anyone from tampering with metrics. One of them is that if the LED indicators are on during recording and someone has tried to tamper with them and the system is not able to recognize the pattern, the video recording will stop continuing. . Another possible method is to use an external key. This key will not only inform others when they are recording, simultaneously if the key is not detected, video recording will not continue.

It remains to be seen which feature will be selected by the company to prevent anyone from recording other people without their consent, but we can expect Apple to come up with an innovative device that will change a lot of things for everyone.

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H / T: AppleInsider Blog.

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