Branded search engine indexed automotive knowledge base with metadata, ready for machine learning – for sale, lease or subscribe

The description:

Auto Channel puts the thoughts in the minds of visitors, it’s a grown-up car guy’s most important stop on the digital mother road, where they find focused, easy-to-understand, easy-to-read automotive content. , useful and fun. They find comfortable eclectic lifestyle stories, full “one-click” vehicle specs, journalist vehicle reviews, all indexed and out of the box.

Site visitors won’t find cookies or other underground privacy hackers here, there are no street vendors or touts yelling “find the best price”, no monster vehicle experts “tatt “, no nose rings, no scary fast-talking characters, no sales – just say, in a measured and mature way.

Researchers find anecdotal data and opinions to expand their knowledge of cars and trucks to enable them to confidently recognize search engine results influenced by biased primary advertising and intentional site omissions, all of which are both conducive to making bad decisions and costly assumptions.

The strengths of the automatic chain

  • The automatic channel published online since 1996
  • Automotive knowledge base with metadata
  • 26 Years Of Daily Automotive News and Multimedia Content Indexed and Analyzed
  • The Auto Channel, U.S. Trademark Registration Number 3301940
  • The automatic channel URL and any additional relevant URLs saved
  • 900,000-page analyzed automotive knowledge base (text, video, audio, images)
  • 500,000 visitors per month (past: up to 6 to 7 million visitors per month
  • Number of Google SERP impressions 6-8 million per month
  • The Auto Channel Alexa ranking – In the world’s top 100,000
  • The Auto Channel Alexa Rankings – In the top 25,000 in the United States
  • Domain evaluation 70
  • Organic referral areas 20,000
  • Organic backlinks 867,000
  • Editors training
  • Integration of the operational team
  • All hardware and software systems

Market value Rationale:

CarMax, the number one used car dealer in the United States, recently purchased for $ 450 million to ensure they have a continuous source of exclusive editorial content, buyer search tools and a network. of dealers. CarMax understands that the business and education platform of the future must meet or exceed buyers’ website expectations and deliver total end-to-end online dating that delivers both leading transactional content and relevant editorial content. .

According to Bill Nash, President and CEO of CarMax: Exclusive Edmunds content, comprehensive automotive market insight and streamlined user experience throughout the car buying and selling journey will allow us to deepen our engagement with customers buying online.

Auto Channel like Edmunds can improve digital marketing, communication with customers and investors, and positioning efforts.

The Offer;

  • The buyer will receive a turnkey subscription to the 650 to 800,000 pages of automotive content content created, aggregated, organized and maintained by The Auto Channel.
  • Content posted to, the oldest and largest automotive content resource on the internet, will be exclusively available to a single third-party vehicle dealer for a fraction of the price paid to access Edmunds content.
  • The Auto Channel For Sale, or lease at $ 240,000 per month for the re-publication rights to our library of archived content (including specs, reviews, news from 1995 to 2021) and daily updated content . .
  • Knowledge base and meta-content have been intelligently analyzed into instantly retrievable ‘content buckets’ accessible through The Auto Channel content access system for easy transfer to Machine Learning or repostable to any site Web at owner’s choice.

To consult our knowledge base, go HERE

Serious interest?

Robert Jay Gordon, President
[email protected]

Marco J Rauch, Executive Vice President
[email protected]

The automatic channel
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Louisville, Kentucky 40202

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