GiftChill, the largest e-gift card platform, confirms Kishu Inu as a payment method

Days after announcing that it would add Kishu Inu as a payment method, the retailer finally approved it. Gift Chill did this to keep its promise to fill the void in gift card purchases using cryptocurrency.

QUEBEC – December 11, 2021 – (

The use of crypto on the platform gives the retailer a unique selling advantage over other online gift card centers. Kishu is currently available on over 20 exchanges. Although it is still a relatively new cryptocurrency, it is well on its way to becoming a world leader.

Why use Kishu Inu for payment on GiftChill?

GiftChill aims to provide buyers with a unique way to use cryptocurrency in exchange for gift cards. Their tech-savvy customers can always stay one step ahead by using the benefits that cryptocurrency offers.

Speed ​​and security are some of the benefits that users enjoy when purchasing gift cards. They don’t have to wait weeks for delivery as happens on competitor sites.

Cards are also verified and guaranteed. This protection is crucial for the security of customer information.

By confirming the use of Kishu Inu, GiftChill has only demonstrated its commitment to crypto as a payment method. The new token offers better rates and lower overheads, as it allows customers to use PayPal and other credit card sites. The platform offers various gift cards to choose from and the inventory is updated daily.

Investors can enjoy further enrichment using their currency on various other platforms through GiftChill. They can exchange cryptocurrency for other acceptable ones on Google Play, Amazon, Adidas, Steam, Walmart and more.

Buyers then receive their gift cards by fully validated email. The email also includes other information the buyer may need, such as expiration dates, PINs, and company disclosures. Buyers should feel happy to finally use Kishu Inu to purchase their favorite gift cards. Further information is available on the Gift Chill website and can be contacted at [email protected]

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GiftChill, the largest e-gift card platform, confirms Kishu Inu as a payment method

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