Global Kitchen Hood Market (2020 to 2026)


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A range hood, extractor hood, or range hood is an appliance containing a mechanical fan suspended above the stove or hob in the kitchen. It removes airborne grease, combustion products, vapors, smoke, heat and vapor from the air by exhausting the air and filtering it. Although largely overlooked, a range hood is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. They are designed to remove odors, heat and smoke that can occur during cooking. The Global Kitchen Hood Market Outlook, 2026 report is based on an overview of the industry structure and analyzes the market size and market forecast by product, region, sales channel, and company. Further, this report presents the market competition situation among vendors and company profile. In addition, the analysis of market prices and the characteristics of the value chain are covered in this report. The trend growth to keep the kitchen well run, clean and stylish is to allow the market to grow above an expected CGAR of 4.9%.

Based on the product type, the kitchen hood market is categorized as wall hood, under cabinet hood, ceiling mount and others like island mount hood, downdraft ventilation hoods, fan power supply hoods and others. The wall mounted product segment is expected to grow over 5.6% CAGR through 2026. Range hoods with their ability to be placed in walls with the need for additional space in kitchen cabinets are the main driver market growth. These systems help to completely eliminate smoke and lingering odors as they are installed directly above the range in commercial and residential kitchens. While the under cabinet segment is expected to show a decline over the forecast period, others are expected to gain market share. Range hoods regularly replace exhaust fans as they are more efficient in the ventilation process. Therefore, the need to effectively reduce excess heat in the kitchen and the demand for advanced home appliances that support efficient and practical cooking habits increase the installation as they are able to give off smoke and heat. odors through baffle and mesh filters.

Firstly, the degree of concentration of the range hood industry is not high with North America leading the market with 33.93% market share in 2020. There are over 100 manufacturers. in the world and high-end products mainly from Germany, America, Italy and China. Italy has a long history and unwavering statuses in this industry, like Elica and Faber (although now part of FRANKE) both have the perfect design. As for Germany, the Bosch group has become a world leader, with two main brands (Bosch and Siemens), and several special brands, such as Thermador. The percentage of import and export of this industry is high. Chinese products mainly export to Oceania, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and occupy a large market share of underdeveloped regions, such as Vietnam, Brazil and Pakistan. Hong Kong is China’s biggest export market, over 80% of range hoods are from mainland China. In the developed market, like America, Canada, Germany and France, Italy is the empire. Mexico also has a large number of exports due to its geographic advantage. By the end of the forecast period, Latin America as well as the Middle East and Africa regions are together expected to exceed a market share of 12%.

Market leaders are introducing new models of wall hoods in different sizes and shapes to meet growing demand. For example, in January 2019 Elica launched its new Varna Black vent hood with improved aesthetic appeal and a black stainless steel finish. The system includes multifunctional and intuitive electronic touch controls that enhance user comfort. The hood is integrated with an advanced HUSH sound suppression system which ensures low noise and provides a quiet working environment in the kitchen. Strict regulations from various regional governments regarding cleanliness and hygiene in restaurants and food chains have made the installation of range hoods mandatory, which is also driving the growth of the market. In addition, these devices offer additional benefits, such as heat reduction, maintaining air quality and increased safety. On the other hand, high maintenance costs and the availability of substitutes, such as exhaust fumes, are expected to hamper the growth of the market.

This report forecasts revenue growth at regional and country level and provides analysis of the latest industry trends in each of the sub-segments from 2015 to 2026. For this study, the publisher has segmented the report on the global market for range hoods depending on the product, distribution channel and region:

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2. Methodology of the report

3. Global Kitchen Hood Market Outlook
3.1. Market size by value
3.2. Market share
3.2.1. By product type
3.2.2. By sales channel
3.2.3. By region
3.2.4. By country
3.2.5. By company

4. North America Range Hood Market Outlook
4.1. Market size by value
4.2. Market share
4.2.1. By product type
4.2.2. By sales channel
4.2.3. By country
4.3. U.S. Range Hood Market Outlook
4.3.1. Market size by value
4.3.2. Market share by product type
4.4. Outlook for the Canadian Range Hood Market
4.4.1. Market size by value
4.4.2. Market share by product type
4.5. Mexico Range Hood Market Outlook
4.5.1. Market size by value
4.5.2. Market share by product type

5. Outlook for the market for kitchen hoods in Europe
5.1. Market size by value
5.2. Market share
5.2.1. By product type
5.2.2. By sales channel
5.2.3. By country
5.3. Germany Range Hood Market Outlook
5.3.1. Market size by value
5.3.2. Market share by product type
5.4. UK Range Hood Market Outlook
5.4.1. Market size by value
5.4.2. Market share by product type
5.5. Outlook for the kitchen hood market in France
5.5.1. Market size by value
5.5.2. Market share by product type
5.6. Spain range hood market outlook
5.6.1. Market size by value
5.6.2. Market share by product type
5.7. Italy range hood market outlook
5.7.1. Market size by value
5.7.2. Market share by product type
5.8. Russia Range Hood Market Outlook
5.8.1. Market size by value
5.8.2. Market share by product type

6. Asia-Pacific Range Hood Market Outlook
6.1. Market size by value
6.2. Market share
6.2.1. By product type
6.2.2. By sales channel
6.2.3. By country
6.3. China Range Hood Market Outlook
6.3.1. Market size by value
6.3.2. Market share by product type
6.4. Japan Range Hood Market Outlook
6.4.1. Market size by value
6.4.2. Market share by product type
6.5. India Range Hood Market Outlook
6.5.1. Market size by value
6.5.2. Market share by product type
6.6. Australia Range Hood Market Outlook
6.6.1. Market size by value
6.6.2. Market share by product type

7. Latin America Range Hood Market Outlook
7.1. Market size by value
7.2. Market share
7.2.1. By product type
7.2.2. By sales channel
7.2.3. By country
7.3. Brazil Range Hood Market Outlook
7.3.1. Market size by value
7.3.2. Market share by product type
7.4. Argentina range hood market outlook
7.4.1. Market size by value
7.4.2. Market share by product type
7.5. Columbia Range Hood Market Outlook
7.5.1. Market size by value
7.5.2. Market share by product type

8. Outlook for the Middle East and Africa range hood market
8.1. Market size by value
8.2. Market share
8.2.1. By product type
8.2.2. By sales channel
8.2.3. By country
8.3. UAE Range Hood Market Outlook
8.3.1. Market size by value
8.3.2. Market share by product type
8.4. Saudi Arabia Range Hood Market Outlook
8.4.1. Market size by value
8.4.2. Market share by product type
8.5. Qatar Range Hood Market Outlook
8.5.1. Market size by value
8.5.2. Market share by product type
8.6. South Africa Range Hood Market Outlook
8.6.1. Market size by value
8.6.2. Market share by product type

9. Market dynamics
9.1. Key factors
9.2. Main challenges

10. Market trends and developments
10.1. Artificial intelligence
10.2. Alarm function
10.3. Dishwasher safe baffle filters
10.4. Environmental variability
11. Company profiles
11.1. Asko household appliances
11.2. Broan Inc
11.3. BSH home appliances
11.4. Elica SPA
11.5. Faber SPA
11.6. SPA Falmec

12. Strategic recommendations

13. Disclaimer

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