Google can now control your heating at home – here’s how it can save you money

Trying to keep your home warm and cozy without costing a fortune is on everyone’s mind right now.

With the current energy crisis pushing bills up to 54% in April, more and more people are trying to avoid raising their thermostat in favor of other methods of keeping warm.

However, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid it, but what if there was a smarter way to run your heating that could potentially save you money while keeping your home warm?

Your thermostat is responsible for about 60% of your energy consumption, so it makes sense to use it as wisely as possible.

Long gone are the days when Google only operated as a search engine, it has now introduced a range of thermostats that work to help you heat your home smarter.

There are several different versions, each operating at a different level of ‘intelligent’, so you can decide how much control you want.

How it works?

The more basic smart thermometer, like the Google Nest Thermostat Ecan be used via Google Home or the Nest app and requires minimal setup.

The Google Nest Thermostat E

Of course, you’ll need a Google Home or Nest device – you can buy one for £49 at Currys Where Argos.

It uses the app to track your movements, so it knows when you leave the house and automatically turns off your heating to save you wasting money heating an empty house.

You can also turn it on through the app to make your home beautiful and warm when you come home.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Google Nest Learning 3rd Gen Thermostat which is the very definition of “intelligent”.

In addition to tracking when you leave the house, it also learns what temperature you like your home to be and corrects its temperature accordingly.

It also senses exactly how your home is heating up, where the drafts are, and changes the way your home heats up accordingly, and uses only the energy it needs, allowing you to to save money.

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The Learning Thermostat can also be used on your hot water, allowing you to adjust how much you use from the Nest app, as well as turning it off when you’re on vacation to save money.

The best part is that the thermostat will also show you how much energy you’re using each day, as well as identifying usage patterns.

So if you tend to consume more on Sunday evening than at any other time of the week, or if you consume more than you need during the day, it will tell you and even offer advice on how to reduce your consumption.

How do you configure it?

the Google Nest Thermostat E is simple to install yourself.

Just download the Nest app, set it up, and scan the code on the bottom of your thermostat.

It will then show you a wiring diagram and exactly where you need to plug in each wire to set it up.

As the Google Nest Learning 3rd Gen Thermostat is a little more complicated, it is recommended that you have a qualified electrician or heating engineer install it.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen
Google Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen

You can get a quote and find a helpful list of local experts to install yours via this linkor call the number on the package when it arrives to arrange for it to be set up.

Google recommends getting a professional to do the wiring and installation of this on your boiler, as trying it yourself can be dangerous.

Once it’s hooked up to your boiler, however, all you need to do is find a place for your thermostat to live.

It can be wall mounted or held on a stand, and it can be used either wirelessly or hardwired in place of your old thermostat.

If you choose to use it cordless, it must be near a power source as it requires USB charging.

You’ll also need a Wi-Fi connection to allow it to communicate with both your phone and the boiler, but don’t worry, it keeps working even if your internet connection goes down.

Once paired with your app, over the next week it will begin to learn how your home heats and cools, and adjust its settings accordingly.

You can of course manually adjust and change your thermostat if you wish.

How will he save money?

In addition to correcting human errors, such as going out and forgetting to turn off your heating, it can help you better understand how you use your energy, especially with the Learning thermostat.

By adjusting temperatures throughout your home based on what needs more or less heat, you’re already using your heating more efficiently and saving money.

This model also has a green leaf symbol on its display when using the most energy efficient form of heating.

You will also receive regular emails explaining exactly how you use energy and offering suggestions on how to make it more cost effective or efficient.

If your boiler also allows it to run your hot water system, you will also be able to use your hot water more efficiently, as it will control the tank and the amount needed to heat it.

The cost of the thermostat will vary depending on the model you’re considering, but you can often find great deals.

Amazon is currently offering 10% off Google Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen meaning you can get it for just £178.99.

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