Google Core update tremors, English product reviews, Search Console updates, Twitter follows, UI changes, and more.

Just when you thought Google’s main update was complete, we’ve seen some big tremors this week that make us wonder if it’s really been done. The Google Product Reviews update is still only rolling out for English content. Google Search Console has updated its reports to show invalid or valid, nothing in between. Google Search Console legacy messaging will be gone on August 1. Twitter, for some reason, seems to have removed the nofollow attribute from links. Google is testing a snippet map layout which is pretty cool, it has four answers. Google is testing hiding the local pack in an expandable menu. Bing is testing a local pack that opens in the same screen. Google is testing a new exploration section. Google is testing a right panel section that scrolls with you. Google Search is testing new shopping filters on mobile. Bing is testing the display of coupons in search snippets. The Google Business Profiles dialog in search displays a “Profile Strength” widget. Things to know from Google appear for 1% of queries according to RankRanger. Google is testing the full “advertisement” label in the local pack. Google Ads will respond to concerns about third-party commercial solicitations and bad advice. Google AdSense launched Shopping links. Microsoft Advertising now requires certain advertisers to complete advertiser identity verification. Google is hosting one of its first in-person SEO meetups and it’s in the Google NYC office, I’ll be there, hope to see you. And if you want to help sponsor these vlogs, go to It was the news of search this week during the roundtable on search engines.

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