Google is making one of Android’s best features easier to use on Chrome and iPhone


Have you ever been on the Internet and found a product you knew you needed? In some cases, identifying this product can be a challenge, especially if it is not on a retailer’s website. If you have an Android device, you can fix this with Google Lens, which the company first introduced in 2017. But now, finally, Google Lens is coming to Chrome.

Google Lens is coming to Chrome on the desktop

Google Lens is an image recognition technology that brings up relevant information about the objects it identifies in photos and videos using visual analysis based on a neural network. Simply put, Google Lens can tell you more about what you are seeing. Over time, Google has extended the integration of the technology to include the Google Photos apps on iOS and Android as well as the Google Assistant on OnePlus phones. The integration goes even further in the coming days.

As 9to5Google notes, Google Lens is currently available on iOS via Google search. In a blog post published this week, Google revealed that Lens will also be added to the Google app soon. Once the feature arrives, iPhone users will see a big button that says “Find Images” at the bottom of the Google app’s built-in browser. Press it “to make all images on a page searchable”.

Google is also bringing Lens to its Chrome browser on desktop computers. When the feature rolls out, “you’ll be able to select images, videos, and text content on a website with Lens to quickly see search results in the same tab, without leaving the page you’re on.” This is going to be a huge boon for buyers who want to quickly identify all of the products on the page.

Other ads from Google search on ’21

The goal was the highlight, but there were other announcements related to Google’s purchases this week as well. For example, searching for clothes, shoes and accessories is now easier than ever on mobile. If you search for “short jackets,” Google will show you a visual feed of related articles in different colors and styles. There will also be more information like local stores, style guides and videos. You can go even further by filtering your search by style, department, brand, etc.

Plus, research will do a better job of bringing up local stores. If you are looking for an aquarium nearby, you can search for it and then select the “in stock” filter to see if they are available near you.

You can watch the recording of the entire Search On ’21 event below in the embedded YouTube video:

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