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It cannot be said enough that borrowing does not begin there with the seller agreeing to buy the apartment / house. It’s a pivotal point, but there is plenty to do before and after. Now, we’ve come up with the step-by-step things you need to do to make borrowing a walk and not a lot of trouble. Here it is:

Steps of preparation

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Almost from the moment we start working, we have to start saving . If we consume all our money (which we tend to admit), we will not get from one to two. So right from the start we can agree that we need to start collecting some form of capital to buy the property, which we can supplement with credit.

That’s why, for accurate planning, we need to know pretty much how much real estate we want to buy, how much self-sufficiency it takes, and how much credit we can borrow. Therefore, from time to time it is worth to visit the calculator on the internet, the calculator , with which we can view the actual numbers.

As you can see now around 20% of the purchase value is the minimum you need to put together, but 30-40 or 50% is worth thinking about for a comfortable purchase.

Where to collect for home use is described in this article, read on! It is a fact that the state of affairs has changed with the withdrawal of state subsidies for home savings, but we still have good choices.

Finding your property

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This is no longer a simple story. Many people swear by how you can find your new home. With the help of the Internet we can find almost all existing real estate for sale, but the pictures and descriptions can sometimes be fraudulent (this is a personal experience). For this reason, don’t waste your time asking for help from an expert and only looking at properties that could potentially be our new home. There are plenty of real estate for sale on as well , it’s worth a look.

Before agreeing to buy a property, let us be clear about the material. An excellent opportunity for this is credit pre-qualification. This process is done by placing in the bank all the paperwork needed for borrowing, except those related to real estate. The bank will do our share of the credit assessment and communicate the result to us. This way, we know exactly how much we can go into housing price bargaining, how much credit we can get, and how much budget we can manage. In addition, the bank stores these results for half a year, so if you have a contract of sale, all you have to do is value the valuation, and from now on you can get the credit in just 2 days.

The contract of sale and what comes next

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If the above has been strictly followed, then one thing to keep in mind in the contract of sale is to conclude a contract exactly according to the parameters specified by the bank.

We give it to the bank and after the credit review we are slowly becoming a property owner . But, in the meantime, we have a couple of things to do. These include placing the bank on the stamp on the title deed and insuring a home insurance to which the bank is the beneficiary. Once we have these, all we have to do is hand over the papers to the bank and transfer them within a few days.

We could do more and write up to 10 pages about the exact process of borrowing , but it doesn’t make sense. On the one hand, if you follow this, you will have no problem in a world given by heaven. On the other hand, there are professionals who can help you find a real estate, choose a loan, and borrow. Therefore, contact us! We help you in every way.

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