How to enable cookies in Safari

There are some things you need to ensure a pleasant and smooth user experience on the Internet. Among them are websites that remember your login details, your shopping cart saves your unpurchased items for later, and your payment information is saved for quick checkout. These are all stored in the site’s memory through the use of cookies. So how do you enable these cookies in Safari?

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To enable cookies in Safari, go to browser preferences and find the option Block all cookies. Make sure the option is not selected (unchecked).


How to Enable Cookies in Safari on a Mac

Enabling cookies on a Mac literally takes less than 30 seconds. First, go to Safari–>Preferences.

In the Privacy tab, uncheck the box next to Block all cookiesbelow Cookies and website data. Unchecking this box will immediately allow Safari to begin accepting and storing cookies. However, it may be a good idea to restart your browser to make sure it really starts working.

macos safari enable cookies

How to Enable Cookies in Safari on an iPhone

Enabling Safari cookies on an iPhone is just as easy. Open iPhone Settings and find Safari.

ios safari settings

On the next screen, make sure that Block all cookies is toggled gray, which means it is off. If it is green, the feature is enabled and cookies are blocked.

ios safari cookies

First-party cookies are stored by the website you are visiting. These cookies allow the website owner to collect your data, such as analytics, language preferences, login credentials and the items you put in the shopping cart. First-party cookies cannot track user activity on any site other than the originating site.

Third-party cookies, by comparison, are the most insidious. They are usually generated by advertisers to track you around the web and build an advertising profile of you. They are generated on a different website than the one you visited, and they basically follow you around the web, showing “relevant ads”.

Either there is a bug in the cookies section of the browser, or you are viewing a page in incognito mode. To test the former, delete your Safari cookies and then restart the browser. To test it, go to Preferences -> General and make sure Safari tabs open in a normal window, not a private window.

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