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In this episode, our guest is Marty Weintraub. He is the founder of AimClear, an integrated marketing agency that dominates client acquisition and has won 17 research awards in the United States, including 5 times the best integrated agency. AimClear’s differentiator is the balance between holistic brand design, PR, data and integrated performance marketing.

About Marty and AimClear


AimClear sees itself as entrepreneurs and traders. Marty is a photographer and speaker, and he founded AimClear in 2007. It is an integrated marketing agency driven and very effective in attracting new clients.


What makes them different is the way they think about campaigns and the way their strategy is performance based. They have worked with some really amazing clients over the years. They have a large office in Duluth, Minnesota, and another office in St. Paul.

What does integrated digital marketing mean?


It means how things work together. Integrated marketing, for example, could be how we see the results of a branding campaign. We’re seeing more direct traffic, a higher site-wide conversion rate, and performance marketing.


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Integration is the way things work together. This is the effect of paid search and the effect of SEO. It also means sequencing messages from channel to channel in a consistent lifecycle path to purchase. When you think of the attribution path, a path to conversion, integrated means sculpting that up front and making sure we’ll be sequencing consistent posts from channel to channel and always using data to figure out how. better do it.

Is the quote “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted.” The problem is, I don’t know which half ”, still relevant?


Not so much for top marketers. The only reason to throw spaghetti on the wall and not know how it’s being spent is if marketers don’t know what to do or if the system is down. These days, it shouldn’t be too difficult to determine which half is useful.

What AimClear does that results in their success


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Marty is really tough on targeting. They have a checklist they go through for audience targeting that divides raw and third-party data.


AimClear has always been in persona development and has always been concerned with the intersection of paid and organic targeting and how they increase.


They have also always believed in branding. The ultimate branding is a sale. Branding is also the ultimate in cookie-less targeting.

Recommendations for someone new to


Your audience research should be about segmenting your data by who it is and attacking what it aims to do.


First, look for integrated and psychographic research. We want to know what they are asking for and who they are. What makes targeting is the ability to serve an ad to them, email them, or contact them, and if you can’t address them with some sort of paid or organic media, that is. not targeting.


Undertake integrated research and psychographic research. We want to know where we can target them. These days, it’s about understanding that there are different ways to know your audience. Many times this comes from your CRM. There are now tools where we can reverse engineer email addresses and third-party CRM display inventory that includes intent.


Identify any audience data targeting lists the customer might have. If we dig deeper into that, it would be social engagement, retargeting pixels, CRM data. Take a look at this and recommend segmentation or different ways to target these listings.


Look at social targeting generators. He goes down in the weeds. We need to know who they are and where we can get these pieces.

How is advertising available to everyone right now?


The Zuko brand is interested in the democratization of third-party display data. They offer it on OTT (over-the-top) networks. They have 150 data partners and they’ve created their own common denominator targeting taxonomy. They created their own targeting plan to get enough volume by combining various data partners. You can grab a video from YouTube, upload a banner, and then cover an area of ​​the country everywhere, or you can overlay psychographic elements.


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We’re going to see a pop-up generation doing cool stuff. There are in-depth tools with some workflow functionality. With these tools, they become available to mid-sized and even small agencies. You just have to be prepared to overpay until you hit high volume media spending.

Target customers


You may distribute banner ads or videos to someone working in healthcare facilities who may be directly or indirectly exposed to patients or infectious materials, including bodily substances.


In the old days, as digital marketers, if we wanted to involve maybe more conservative political views, we had to add a layer of that. If we add another targeting attribute to this, start with a conservative policy with the operator. Understand if there is an additional perspective that you are applying through the distribution channel.

Digital inventories and advertising


Using DSP can sometimes get you premium space and networks that you can buy directly, including Google. Inventory comes from different places depending on the network you are dealing with, and everything is managed behind the scenes.


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This can range from traditional banner video space, which can be quite cheap, to very expensive, depending on the competitiveness of the space. These days, DSPs offer varying degrees of transparency as to how much you pay for markup because they are the go-between on the data. Marketers use this programmatic data, and their game is to keep costs low by only doing subtractive targeting and excluding anyone who wouldn’t buy it, which is a counterintuitive use of data.

The Most Effective Way to Sell Something Now


The answer will always be paid search. If there is research inventory, just like a marketer, the best and easiest way to sell something is when someone asks for it now and has an intention to buy.


There are new niche products out there where you can get them with social or display inventory. If Marty had to choose between one platform or the other, and be it Google or Facebook, he will choose the Google ecosystem because they contain everything he needs.


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For any product, there is a top of the funnel. The top of the funnel is the market in perspective. You can catch them in all the different places and all the ways, but that’s the group of people.

Universal truth


The best marketing is a product that doesn’t suck. You could have a product that is just miraculous, everyone wants it, and only you have it. Your job as a marketer is not to ruin everything.


The universal truth of all of us about change is like what Michelangelo said about the sculptor: “It already exists in stone, and the sculptor’s job is to break down the barriers between the exterior and the sculptor. the beauty. Marketing is like that too. The number one attribute that you want in a marketing campaign is for the customer or the product.


If you can get that customer to buy a product that you know they’re going to fall in love with from the research you’ve done with their audience, there’s a good chance they’ll become more important. At the end of the day, if you’re just looking for traffic or quick sales, and you’re shipping something in the wrong packaging, there’s a good chance you won’t have that returning customer. You won’t get the ROI that you are looking for from a marketing standpoint.


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Rewards are important just because it just means that you are successful with your niche, your stakeholders, and your brand as you work for agency clients.

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