How to use Etsy to buy and sell products


Etsy is a “handmade” marketplace that connects sellers and buyers online. In 2020, nearly 81.9 million buyers purchased unique and creative products through the Etsy ecosystem. The platform supports small businesses and often individual businesses with an intuitive shopping interface and an option to manage shipping from the site.

Here, we’ll cover how to use Etsy for buyers and sellers, and everything you might need to know.

Getting started with Etsy

Before you can start using Etsy, you need to sign in or create an Etsy account. The account you create is what you’ll use to manage your store or purchase products from other sellers on Etsy. Here’s how you can create your account on Etsy.

  1. Visit Etsy or go to the mobile app, then click Log in.

  2. Fill out the form to create an account. You will need your email address or choose to Continue with Google, Continue with Facebook, Where Continue with Apple.

    Etsy registration form

  3. Enter your name and password and click on Register now.

  4. Check your email for a confirmation email sent by Etsy and confirm your email to complete your registration process.

    Etsy confirmation email

How to use Etsy as a buyer

Etsy makes online shopping easy and straightforward because it offers a smooth and seamless payment system. If you’re looking to buy on Etsy, here’s how.

  1. Head to Etsy.

  2. To find an item to buy, you can browse the categories in the top navigation bar or search for a specific item or store in the search. field at the top of the site. You can also enter the web address of a specific store.

  3. You will need to browse search results or a seller’s page to find a product that you are looking for.

  4. Once you have found a product, click Add to Cart. You can choose to add a note to seller, order the item as a gift, or apply store discount codes.

  5. Once your order is ready, select your preferred method of payment and click on Proceed to checkout.

    etsy buyer payment page

  6. Finally, confirm your shipping address and payment information. If you are not signed in to your Etsy account, click Continue as a guest Where Log in, and enter your shipping and payment information.

  7. Click on Place your order. Now you have successfully completed your order and should receive your goods on time.

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How to use Etsy as a seller

Etsy makes it easy for you to set up your store and start selling your products on the platform. Once you’ve read on to start selling, here’s what you need to do.

How to set up your Etsy store

  1. Head to Etsy. Go to the upper right corner and click on Sell ​​on Etsy.

        Sell ​​on Etsy

  2. Then click Open your Etsy store.

  3. Choose the language, country and currency of your store. The store language you select will be the default language you use when selling your items. You can also add other languages ​​as translations when describing your items after opening your store.


  4. When you are finished, click Save and continue.

  5. Now you need to configure the name of your store. Go to Search bar and enter a store name. If a name is already taken, you will have to choose a new one.

    Etsy store name

  6. Once you have chosen a name, click Save and continue.

It’s important to choose a name for your store that speaks to your brand and is unique to your business. In addition to being unique, the name you select must not contain spaces, swear words, special characters, be less than four or more than 20 characters long, and must not infringe on another company’s brand. .

How to List an Item on Your Etsy Store

Now that you have your store ready, it’s time to list some products and start selling.

  1. Visit the Etsy site and click on Shop manager.

  2. If you want to list a product on the Etsy app, tap Following.

  3. Click on Advertisement. If you are a new seller, click Your shop.

  4. Finally, select Add ad and add your articles.

    add-list on esty

  5. You will need to add photos, add title, category and description, add inventory and price information, add shipping options, and choose whether you want to set up Etsy ads to list a product in your store.

  6. Once you are done adding your items, click Save as a draft Where Publish to save. You can preview your ad by clicking Preview.

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How to set up payments on Etsy

The last step in setting up your store is setting up how to get paid. There are several payment options to choose from on Etsy. First of all, you need to check if you are in an eligible country. You won’t be able to open a store if you’re not in an eligible country for Etsy payments.

  1. Visit Etsy and click Shop manager.

  2. The choice on Finance > Payment settings. Fill in the requested information and your bank details.

    How to get paid on Etsy's setup window

  3. Click on Select the country of your bank account and enter your payment information. Enter your credit or debit card information.

  4. Click on Save and continue.

Etsy will send an email to verify your bank account in order to receive payments. If you don’t verify your bank account within 90 days, your store will be suspended.

The importance of keywords on your Etsy store

Using keywords that are more likely to appear in search results will help you increase your sales. These keywords can be included in your tags, titles, categories and attributes.

It helps to use specific categories and add any relevant options that might describe your item to your attributes. It is also helpful to write short, clear, and descriptive titles that are easy to read, starting with the words that best describe your article.

To update your keywords, you must:

  1. Go to Etsy and click Shop manager.

  2. Click on Editing.

  3. To select Edition labels from the drop-down list or edit your titles using the Quick Edit tool.

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Use your new Etsy knowledge

Etsy is a great marketplace for unique, handmade items. He acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Starting your store is free and there are no monthly fees for buyers either.

The user interface is quite intuitive if you want to shop for an item, with navigation sections such as clothing and shoes, jewelry and accessories, and crafting supplies and tools. Overall, Etsy is an exciting and creative one-stop-shop online store for unique products.

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