KNTR outdoor collection by HHID studio

the kntr collection includes a stool, a coffee chair + a coffee table

Art and design studio HHID presents its KNTR collection – a set of outdoor furniture inspired by plant graphics. the collection includes a stool, low chair, and coffee chart, all made from steel rods and wood.‘unified in a linear yet soft language form, the pieces fit naturally into a residential outdoor environment‘, reveals the studio.

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use different “line weights” to emphasize the graphic character

the HHID team constructs the stool and low chair from bent and welded steel rods. the integrated posts are available in two different thicknesses; the taller ones make up the silhouette while the thinner ones create the seating surface. according to the designers, ‘the use of primary and secondary line weights allowed for a graphic hierarchy, while making the pieces strong and light. a uniform and textured powder coat is then applied to each piece of furniture to celebrate the graphic character of the KNTR collection.

HHID studio presents the furniture set inspired by plant graphics
a low chair, a stool and a low table make up the KNTR collection

create smooth and controlled surfaces

additionally, the stool’s low back functions as a handle that contributes to its accessible appearance while emphasizing its mobile nature and allowing for effortless stacking. the coffee table, on the other hand, is made from coated maple wood panels laminated with a PU textile. such a choice of assembly offers a vertical structure while allowing the top to fold naturally on the base. “Informed by the shapes of nature, the seats and table share soft yet controlled surfaces created from linear materials”, concludes HHID.

studio hhid presents the kntr 2 outdoor collection
the low back of the stool also serves as a handle

studio hhid presents the kntr 3 outdoor collection
close up of thick and thin lines of stool rods

studio hhid presents the kntr 6 outdoor collection
the KNTR collection is inspired by the linearity of plant graphics

HHID studio presents the furniture set inspired by plant graphics
concept – sketch the silhouette

HHID studio presents the furniture set inspired by plant graphics
concept – sketch the silhouette

project info:

Last name: KNTR collection
design: HHID
furniture: coffee chair, stool, coffee table

materials: solid maple wood panels, leather, steel rods, powder coating

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edited by: léa zeitoun | design boom

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