Last Sears in Michigan shut down, Marshall got the last KMart


Maybe it’s because we’ve read too many stories of store closings, or maybe you must be a certain age, or maybe it’s because it reminds me of my mom and dad who took me to the “giant” Sears store, eating the salted cashews, learning that I was “hoarse” and playing my Silvertone guitar, the first of many in my youth; whatever the reason, it’s sad to hear that Sears is closing its last store in Michigan. (It’s the one at the Westland Shopping Center, in Wayne and Warren Rds, in the Detroit subway.)

Maybe you remember the Sears store in downtown Kalamazoo, across from where Portage Road splits, or where the Police Store is now next to Crosstown Parkway, or even at Crossroads (mine was at North and Harlem Avenues, Chicago. They just razed this site after a plan to turn it into a mixed-use shopping and condo complex.)

Of course, nothing lasts forever, but like so many institutions collapsing these days, much of it is due to stupidity and greed. Sears was Amazon before Amazon. They had the infrastructure in place for over a century with their booming catalog business that could easily have been adapted for online shopping.

It happened to Montgomery Ward, it’s probably going to happen to JC Penney. But a good part of the fault lies with managers without a vision for the future.

There is a little good news. There’s one last Kmart store in Michigan, and it’s in Marshall. What does his future look like? Who knows. This store is run by the same geniuses who ran Sears and the rest of Kmart into the ground. There are a few Sears outlet stores in small towns, but these are no longer Sears owned.

According to reports, this is Michigan’s last Kmart, in Marshall. (Google Street View)

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