Lightspeed POS Inc. (NYSE: LSPD) Expected to Report Earnings of $ -0.17 per Share


Equity research analysts expect Lightspeed POS Inc. (NYSE: LSPD) to report earnings of ($ 0.17) per share for the current fiscal quarter, according to Zacks investment research. Four analysts have released estimates for Lightspeed POS earnings, with the lowest EPS estimate at ($ 0.28) and the highest estimate at $ 0.09. Lightspeed POS posted earnings per share of ($ 0.14) in the same quarter last year, indicating a negative year-over-year growth rate of 21.4%. The company is expected to release its next quarterly earnings report on Monday, January 1.

According to Zacks, analysts expect Lightspeed POS to report annual earnings of ($ 0.63) per share for the current fiscal year, with EPS estimates ranging from $ 1.05 to $ 0.27. For the next fiscal year, analysts expect the company to post earnings of ($ 0.53) per share, with EPS estimates ranging from $ 0.94 to $ 0.19. Zacks EPS Averages is an average based on a survey of analysts who provide coverage for Lightspeed POS.

A number of research companies have recently published reports on LSPD. Cormark downgraded Lightspeed POS from a “market performance” rating to a “buy” rating in a report released on Friday, March 12. Morgan Stanley raised its target price on Lightspeed POS from $ 79.00 to $ 80.00 and gave the company an “equal weight” rating in a research note on Friday, May 21. BTIG Research increased its target price on Lightspeed POS from $ 104.00 to $ 115.00 and gave the company a “buy” rating in a research note on Friday, May 21. CIBC increased its target price on Lightspeed POS from $ 135 to $ 140.00 and gave the company an “outperformance” rating in a research note on Tuesday, June 8. Finally, Raymond James lowered his target price on Lightspeed POS from $ 114.00 to $ 105 and set an “outperformance” rating for the company in a Friday May 21 research note. An investment analyst rated the stock with a conservation rating and eleven gave the company’s stock a buy rating. Lightspeed POS has an average “Buy” rating and a consensus price target of $ 95.18.

Lightspeed POS stock traded up $ 2.09 at noon on Thursday, reaching $ 84.72. 95,012 shares of the company were traded, for an average volume of 808,575. The 50-day moving average price of the share is $ 69.04. Lightspeed POS has a 52-week low of $ 23.73 and a 52-week high of $ 84.90. The company has a market cap of $ 10.89 billion and a P / E ratio of -104.54.

About Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS Inc provides a software as a service (SaaS) platform enabling commerce for small and medium businesses, retailers, restaurants and golf course operators in Canada, United States, Germany, in Australia and abroad. Its SaaS platform allows customers to interact with consumers, manage transactions, accept payments, and more.

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