Microsoft Edge adds new features for a seamless shopping experience

Microsoft is introducing new features in the Edge browser to make your shopping experience quick and smooth this holiday season.

The latest update brings the price tracker feature which helps you keep tabs on the products you have recently viewed and alert you to price changes. This feature built into Microsoft Edge will let you know if any of the items you recently reviewed have changed in price, eliminating the need to check each product yourself.

This new feature, combined with other built-in tools like price comparison, price history, easy access to customer ratings and expert reviews, and our autofill coupon tool will help you save money and time, especially during the holiday season.

Microsoft is also introducing a new shopping experience on its Bing search engine to help you choose ethically sourced products wherever you are on the web. Bing has partnered with the Good On You platform which assesses fashion brands based on their performance on a host of sustainability and social responsibility measures.

A new feature will be available soon. For every 10 purchases made in Microsoft Edge at qualifying retailers, the company will donate to the Eden Reforestation Project for tree planting.

Both sustainable purchasing options are currently available in the UK with other markets expected to follow soon.

Then Microsoft also makes it easy to update your passwords in case your saved credentials are compromised. The company is piloting a new feature that will allow you to update passwords with one click by going to the Settings / Passwords page in Microsoft Edge and clicking Change right next to the credentials. The easy update feature is only available on a limited number of sites to get started.

Another feature that comes with this update is efficiency mode. When your device’s battery is low, Microsoft Edge goes into efficiency mode and dramatically reduces the use of system resources such as CPU and RAM, thereby extending battery life.

Finally, the built-in price comparison and price history tools are coming to Microsoft Edge on Android.

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