Online shopping: Mobile traffic is skyrocketing, but consumers still prefer to shop through the desktop

Consumers may be turning to their cellphones to browse online stores, but desktops still dominate when it comes to making actual purchases, new figures from the Experience Analytics firm show. Contentsquare.

The company analyzed traffic over four billion sessions in six industries and regional markets in Asia-Pacific between October and November, and found that the mobile user experience is more important than ever.

People are most interested in buying consumer electronics (which received 27.6% of direct traffic), followed by fashion retail (27.3%) and grocery (24.9%). ). Beauty business desktop traffic also increased 70.9% during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

According to statistics, there was a 90% increase in mobile traffic between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, compared to a 46% increase in desktop traffic. In Australia, mobile traffic increased by 42% while overall APAC traffic increased by 19%.

Despite the growth of mobile, it seems people prefer to buy their products through the desktop during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. There was a 109% increase in desktop conversions during this period, compared to a 75% increase in mobile conversions.

The results show that search engine optimization (SEO) drove the most traffic (32% of traffic), however, search engine advertising (SEA) was responsible for more purchases (29%) . Australia has resisted this trend, however, with 29.7% of sessions in Australia coming from SEO and 31.9% of buying sessions through SEA.

Contentsqare APAC Regional Vice President David Bochsler says e-commerce companies need to optimize the mobile user experience.

“Earlier this year, our 2021 Digital Experience Benchmark study found that over two-thirds of total website traffic in Asia-Pacific came from smartphones in 2020. The trend is expected to continue as we increasingly rely on our phones. mobile for access to goods and services.

“In order to unlock the incredible potential of this user environment, brands need to better understand how consumers interact with them on their smartphones. There is a remarkable opportunity to harness digital experience analytics to create better digital experiences for maximum impact and better conversions.

The Contentsquare platform analyzes customer behavior across billions of anonymous web, mobile, and app interactions, and turns that knowledge into intelligent recommendations aimed at increasing user conversion, revenue, engagement and the growth. Contentsquare’s growth includes a $ 500 million Series E fundraiser in May 2021 and acquisitions such as Hotjar and Upstride.

The company “continues to engage in global initiatives such as digital accessibility – bolstered by its acquisition of AdaptMyWeb in 2020 and the subsequent launch of the Contentsquare Foundation – and digital privacy.”

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