Patch msedgewebview2.exe has stopped working on Windows 11



Some Windows 11 users reported finding an app named MS Edge Web View2 running in the background on their computers. According to them, this application was installed on their systems without their consent. Some users uninstalled it but the app was reinstalled. For this reason, users wonder if Microsoft Edge WebView2 is safe. In this article, we will try to find the answer to this question. Additionally, we will help you know what to do if you have installed MS Edge WebView2 on your computer but receive msedgewebview2.exe has stopped working Error message.

What is MS Edge WebView2.exe?

Microsoft Edge WebView2 is an application developed by Microsoft that allows users to integrate web technologies into native applications. In order to display web content in native apps, this app uses Microsoft Edge as its rendering engine.

The goal of developing WebView2 is to provide users with similar Office functionality across different device platforms. For example, the Room search functionality in Outlook is based on WebView2. Hence, it looks the same on Outlook desktop apps on different versions of Windows and on Outlook web app.

Is Microsoft Edge WebView2 secure?

As explained earlier in this article, Microsoft Edge WebView2 is an application developed by Microsoft, it is safe (only if it is from Microsoft). It can be installed automatically on your system to provide you with the web functionality of Microsoft web applications such as Microsoft 365.

You can also verify the legitimacy of MS Edge WebView2 file on your system by viewing its digital signature. Before releasing software to end users, software publishers digitally sign it. All genuine programs are digitally signed by their companies. You can see if Microsoft Edge WebView2 is digitally signed by Microsoft. The following steps will help you:

  1. Right click on the The Start menu
  2. To select Task Manager option
  3. In the Task Manager window, find the Microsoft Edge WebView2 application
  4. Once you have found it, right click on it and select Properties
  5. In the Properties window, there should be a tab named Digital signatures. Click on it
  6. There you will only see the name of Microsoft Corporation if MS Edge WebView2 is developed by Microsoft.

To view digital signature information, click the Details in the Digital Signatures tab. This will open the Digital signature details the window. This window contains the name and e-mail address of the signer, as well as the signing time. You can also read the certificate information by clicking on the View certificate in the Digital Signature Details window.

Patch msedgewebview2.exe has stopped working

Some users have reported that Microsoft Edge WebView2 has stopped working on their computers. In this case, users cannot use the web features of some Microsoft applications. Apart from this, other applications that rely on WebView2 may also stop working.

Compatibility issues are one of the most common reasons Microsoft Edge WebView2 stops working on Windows operating system. If you are using a version of Microsoft Edge that is not compatible with the Microsoft Edge WebView2 app, it will not work.

Therefore, it is important to always use the correct version of Microsoft Edge for this application. You can visit for the minimum Edge browser version required to properly load Microsoft Edge WebView2. In addition to that, you can try to update the NuGet package.

If you are using the preview version of the WebView2 SDK, the Preview Channels of Edge browser must be installed on your system. This is because Microsoft Edge preview channels have the latest API packages required by the preview version of WebView2 to function properly.

Is it safe to uninstall Microsoft Edge WebView Runtime?

You can safely uninstall Microsoft Edge WebView Runtime from your system. But if you uninstall it, you won’t be able to use some of the web features of Office apps like Meeting overview and Room search.

Is Edge better than Chrome?

Microsoft Edge is a product of Microsoft Corporation and Google Chrome is a product of Google LLC. Both are based on the Chromium code base and are part of the powerful web browsers. Each of them has unique characteristics. Therefore, when it comes to comparing Microsoft Edge with Google Chrome, it depends on the end users which features of a particular web browser make it best for them.


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