Paul Stenhouse: OnlyFans rolls back adult content ban


Apple’s internet tax could be threatened

One of the requirements for having an app on Apple’s App Store was that you had to use their payment service where they take up to 30% of your income. You can’t even send users emails with the data you’ve collected from users using your app by promoting another payment method. It’s about to change.

A class action lawsuit brought by U.S. app developers won a $ 100 million payment from Apple and a rule change. So, now you can send an email or SMS to users with the information collected from the app. Critics say this is only the first step and that Apple should rethink the forced payment method in the app because it is an antitrust violation.

OnlyFans has rescinded its ban on adult content

In what has been compared to Twitter removing the ability for people to tweet, OnlyFans told its community that adult content will be banned. Apparently, there are also musicians, fitness trainers, and beauty influencers on the platform who teach classes and provide a way for fans to connect. OnlyFans said its banks would not support their operations, but news reports suggested that they were also struggling to find investors despite the fact that they would have to double their revenues to $ 2.5 billion the next year. There are concerns about legal liability for illegal content on the platform. Well the money has to talk now as they overturned the decision and OnlyFans is continuing as is.

Afghan refugees receive Airbnbs

Airbnb is committed to accommodating 20,000 refugees free of charge, “as long as necessary”. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky tweeted that hosts who are willing to make their home available to get in touch.

Airbnb launched a non-profit organization a few years ago to help people displaced by natural disasters and provide essential workers with a place to stay away from their families during the height of the COVID pandemic. If you want to help house refugees, you can visit


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