Presentation: $ SIMP, the # 1 entertainment token

$ SIMP offers a unique solution to the problems faced by creators and consumers. Using blockchain technology to power their payment processing service for content providers, $ SIMP aims to restore the freedom of content platforms to excite and entertain in an online social setting without interference from traditional financial institutions.

Put an end to chargebacks and exorbitant fees

To bypass the high percentage transaction fees charged to banks and payment providers for processing adult transactions, the $ SIMP token:

  • Creates a bridging transaction between creators and banks, preventing transactions from being labeled “high risk” and protecting creators from the exorbitant fee structures that accompany such designations.
  • Provides consumers with the ability to protect their identity when purchasing content online and to ensure their right to privacy. Once the tokens are moved from an exchange to a DeFi wallet, they cease to be attached to anything bearing the personal information of the $ SIMP holder.
  • Eliminates the potential for “friendly scams”, chargebacks and illegitimate refunds by denying any third party the ability to move tokens between two users without their owner digitally signing the transaction as it occurs.
  • Removes the ability of malicious third parties to perform financial information theft using legitimate looking payment forms on deceptive websites designed to capture and fraudulently use credit card information.

The core team

The $ SIMP team has a roster of highly dedicated, capable and skilled professionals who have publicly stated in the project white paper their plans for $ SIMP to reach a minimum market capitalization target of $ 150 million, and have expressed optimism that the token will reach significantly higher values. in 2022 and beyond.

At the time of writing, the team is made up of:

CEO Ben Sansom: Ben has worked with some of the biggest names in business, sports and entertainment during his 8-year marketing career with his primary focus being the establishment and explosive growth of start-up projects.

COO James Hague: James is a qualified accountant with experience in many industries including commodities, gaming, and premium sports cars. James brings with him the strong network he has developed throughout his career, not least through his work with some of the most successful McKinsey consultants in the processing industry.

Lead Developer Thomas Sileghem: Thomas has 7 years of web and software development experience in addition to being involved in blockchain development for over 6 years, Thomas was responsible for the creation of PocketStars & RocketStars and led the integration of $ SIMP on both platforms.

Angel investor: The anonymous investor of $ SIMP has created and grown businesses that are collectively worth billions of dollars. Having been a key part of several Silicon Valley startups, this investor offers invaluable advice to the team and continues to leverage his extensive network in the tech, finance and crypto industries to support the continued expansion of $ SIMP.

The rapidly developing network of $ SIMP

Having been integrated as a payment method on two content platforms, PocketStars and RocketStars, since its launch in October, $ SIMP has demonstrated its viability both as a stable payment processing tool and as a Sustainable crypto token in a particularly volatile market. This network of partnerships continues to grow with the recent announcement that popular retailer Phreak will also begin accepting the token as a form of payment on its website.

Additional partnerships include digital business card supplier Slink and xxxNifty, which controls a large NFT market.

These brands made some remarks about their partnerships with $ SIMP:

SLINK – Your digital business card

“A lot of PocketStars content creators were already using the Slink platform, so it just seemed like a natural progression to building and growing our partnership with $ SIMP. In the future, deeper integrations between us will see $ SIMP being offered to our mainstream users as a simple and reliable payment service.

PHREAK – Fantastic toys for adults

“We are excited to partner with $ SIMP, bringing more fun to a larger Phreak community. We have worked with the creators of PocketStars several times already so it was important for us to support them and help them in the amazing work that they do, but also to know how these guys see the world and how good they are. care about providing quality. products and services.”

In late November, $ SIMP began trading on BitMart, one of the top 40 centralized crypto exchanges by volume, and the development team announced yesterday that the token will also be listed on LBank, a trusted CEX.

Content creators have expressed an urgent need for a secure and anonymous payment method that will allow them to earn a fair living and protect consumers’ right to privacy; $ SIMP is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to industry problems that were heretofore unavoidable.

Magnetizing talent

In addition to the many branded relationships that the $ SIMP team cultivates, they have found themselves receiving many correspondence from $ SIMP holders with great interest in joining the team as part of their mission.

In the past month, two new recruits have joined the team full time:

Head of Talent, Poppy Evans: With over 100,000 subscribers generated in just two years in the adult industry, Poppy has developed a strong passion for income security from her fellow creators. His point of view allows the team to examine their development journey from a creator’s point of view and to ensure that the team’s actions are perpetually in line with their mission and stated values.

Content Director, Matthew Killinger: In addition to his talent as a writer, Matthew brings with him the flexible planning and organizational skills developed during his career as a building manager, and consistently enables the simultaneous execution of multiple projects efficiently.

Power the payment processing solution

The $ SIMP team is constantly evaluating ways to improve its already functioning payment processing system and has embarked on a campaign to optimize it for ease of use, convenience and efficiency as it continues. its massive adoption on its host platforms.

The most imminent upgrades, announced in the company’s recently released white paper 2.0, will bring:

  • The addition of an access ramp, allowing credit cards to be used on the platform for fiat-to-crypto transactions without the need for a crypto exchange
  • A $ SIMP / USD toggle, allowing creators and retailers to split their revenue between USD and $ SIMP at a percentage of their choice
  • User interface improvements and several new interfaces designed to make every interaction with $ SIMP as easy and intuitive as possible.

NFT and expansion in the metaverse

In addition to creating a cryptocurrency token, $ SIMP announced the development of an NFT Marketplace, where they intend to collaborate with the creators of PocketStars to create NFTs linked to real content creators and backed by collectability, personalization mechanisms and gamification to offer a truly unique product in an emerging market.

The optimized payment processing solution will be the foundation on which the adult metaverse of $ SIMP will be built. Once established, the world will include NFT markets, merchandise stores, and social hangouts such as the $ SIMP Lounge.

After injecting their grassroots community and over 16,000 content creators, it will become a living and breathing world; the $ SIMP Metaverse, the first of its kind.

The white paper

True to its commitment to transparency, the $ SIMP team has published one of the most well-written, cohesive, and in-depth white papers on the market to date. If you want more details about the project, you can find them in this 37-page document at


Content creators have expressed an urgent need for a secure and anonymous payment method that will allow them to earn a fair living and protect consumers’ right to privacy; $ SIMP is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to industry problems that were heretofore unavoidable.

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