Research Marketing Training to Increase Post-COVID Benefits


Research marketing training company Clickthrough has introduced personalized one-on-one training courses to help small and medium-sized businesses and online stores increase their bottom line in a post-COVID economy.

CEO Glen Maguire said the training courses, focused on Google ads and organic search engine optimization (SEO), could help businesses be more visible in the online space to potentially increase sales.

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers were already researching and purchasing products online, rather than visiting a business in person. Even in 2019, paid and organic search traffic was 68% 1.

“Various global lockdowns caused by COVID-19 have made online shopping and browsing even more popular, meaning that businesses without in-depth knowledge of Google Ads and SEO to highlight their business in search results could be left behind, ”says Glen.

As SEO and Google Ads service providers now face an increase in demand, many have become unaffordable for the average small to medium business, which Glen says Clickthrough is trying to combat.

“To help counter this, we have introduced Google Ads and SEO courses that we adapt to the requirements of each client. These classes are delivered online using web dating technology and are hosted live, 1: 1 with one of our expert trainers. They are packed with tips and practical ideas and aim to help businesses and ecommerce stores manage their search marketing campaigns in-house, putting control in the hands of the owner.

At this point, Clickthrough offers courses to any English speaking business in the world. Long-term plans include offering courses in other languages. The courses are suitable for B2C and B2B companies and e-commerce operators from all industries.

To date, Clickthrough has successfully formed hundreds of businesses in a wide range of industries such as travel, online shopping, health, beauty, fashion, government, non-profit organizations and real estate.

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Founded in 2009, Clickthrough is a search engine marketing training service provider headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.

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