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NEW YORK, February 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ronn Torossiana PR manager posted the following on marketing and Instagram.

Businesses looking for an easier way to let the public know about product launches or upcoming events can greatly benefit from Instagram reminder posts. Instagram Reminders is a recently introduced feature on the platform that allows businesses to add a reminder to their posts. When a message has enabled reminders, any user can choose to receive a notification about it. Then they’ll get an alert about the promotion or event the business highlighted in the post. Shortly before the event or promotion starts, Instagram will start sending a series of notifications to users who have activated the reminder. Notifications arrive 24 hours in advance, again at 15 minutes, and again at the start of the event. These notifications show the name of the account that set up the event and the name of the event itself, and provide a link that takes users to the original message.

Create reminder messages
The Instagram Reminders feature is relatively new and is currently only available for Instagram business accounts. These accounts include those used by creators and businesses. Whenever the feature becomes available to a user’s account, the user receives a pop-up notification informing them of the feature. Additionally, the feature only works with feed posts like images, carousels, and videos, and it’s not yet available for Instagram stories or reels. This new feature is also only available on the platform’s mobile app, meaning businesses that want to create a reminder message must use the app instead of the platform’s desktop version.

Optimization of reminder messages
Adding a reminder to an Instagram post takes less than a minute, and users can choose to add only a specific time for the start or end time of an event. Although no one will receive the notification about the end of the event, the delay is useful for consumers because it will let them know how long an event will last. Additionally, the platform automatically converts reminders to the local time of any user who allows notifications, meaning businesses don’t need to add additional time zones to the reminder. Businesses should use detailed names for their events, so consumers understand what it is about before adding a reminder for it. Businesses should also use descriptive captions for their posts. Although Instagram limits the number of characters for event names, there is no such limit for post captions.

Reminder message ideas
Businesses can use this new feature on Instagram in many ways to connect with audiences and promote themselves. They can create live or online events to promote with reminder messages. Businesses can also create posts that will remind their audience of product or service launches, or contests and giveaways.

Ronn Torossian is a New York-based entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter here.


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