SEO National to launch its activity for an online children’s clothing store


Known throughout the Wasatch Front as Utah’s leader in search engine optimization, SEO National works with a wide variety of online businesses nationwide. Their clients include small family start-ups, Inc. 5,000 companies and entrepreneurs featured on Shark Tank. Online retailer Bitsy Bug Boutique is the latest company to partner with this industry leader to optimize its site and increase sales.

Arizona-based Bitsy Bug Boutique seeks to take the hassle out of shopping for adorable and affordable baby and toddler clothing. Working only with the best suppliers of baby items, Bitsy Bug Boutique offers quality products with almost no markup, saving new parents time and money. Bitsy Bug Boutique offers sizes for babies and toddlers up to 5T in addition to matching mom and me outfits and prides itself on being cheaper than other online stores.

“Entering an online shopping market like baby products presents its own challenges,” noted Damon Burton, president of SEO. “Successfully presenting what you have to offer beyond the competition can only happen when customers can find you. SEO helps maximize the impact of their products and web contentthat’s why we optimize the website for the search engines that ultimately connect buying customers to the content they want to see.

Burton knows what it takes to successfully promote client sites, learning firsthand while building your own business without paying for advertising. He has never paid for advertisements and does not foresee a situation where it would be necessary. 100% of National SEO clients come to them through their own SEO practice or as referrals.

While other SEO experts promise quick results, Burton is embracing a different school of thought. Speaking of his methods, Burton said, “The success of our clients is not something they get in a week or a month. It is not a point on a map that you suddenly reach. We measure the success of our search engine optimization by watching our clients’ businesses rank higher in search results, seeing customer conversion rates increase and seeing a steady increase in sales. Continually working to promote these key metrics tells us that what we do is helping the business be successful.

To learn more about pursuing search engine optimization with National SEO and how they are helping companies like Bitsy Bug Boutique grow their businesses without resorting to expensive ads, call 1-855-SEO- NATL (1-855-736-6285) or go to www.

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SEO National is a search engine optimization company located north of Salt Lake City, Utah. This SEO company offers affordable and effective search engine optimization with a refreshing personal approach to communicating with their online marketing clients.

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