Shopify and Microsoft Partner to Help Merchants Reach More Buyers


Microsoft today announced a new Shopify partnership that allows merchants to access more customers through the updated Microsoft Channel app in Shopify.

Currently available to merchants in the United States and Canada, the updated Channel app allows advertisers to use both Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network.

The products are then automatically eligible to display in the Microsoft Bing Shopping tab and the Microsoft Start Shopping tab for free as product listings.

Examples of product offers in the Shopping tab of Microsoft Bing. Image source: Microsoft Blog Advertising.

Varsha Bolar, program manager at Microsoft Advertising, explained in the announcement:


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“To dramatically extend the reach of their brands and products on Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network, merchants can create new ad campaigns and show their marketing performance through real-time reporting in their Shopify store. “

Bolar also revealed that product announcements and product listings will “soon” have a Buy Now button to give shoppers a fast checkout option directly from the ad experience. The timing of this deployment has not been specified.

These are the latest in a series of Microsoft Advertising updates designed to engage consumers and extend the reach of advertisers.

In July, multimedia ads launched as a new responsive ad format that displays on search pages, either at the top of the SERP or in the right rail.


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August saw us roll out the Target Impressions Strategy, Dynamic Localization and other automated ad extensions, tracking product conversion goals for Shopping campaigns, and more.

And in September, we rolled out a video ad pilot program on the Microsoft Audience Network, vertical product ads in the US and UK, and the addition of “online calling” to the Microsoft Audience Network. Microsoft Merchant Center.

Shopify made its own improvements with the launch of Shopify Markets, a centralized hub for managing cross-border sales, and the addition of Facebook Pay as a payment option (in the US).

Shopify merchants now have better control over their store’s SEO, too, thanks to a June update that made the Shopify store’s robots.txt files editable.

About the updated Microsoft Channel app in Shopify, Bolar said:

“The integration is simple, allowing merchants to quickly connect to shopping offers that feature their products using free and paid ads.”

Learn more and find step-by-step instructions to get you settled in this Microsoft Advertising and Shopify help resource.

Source: Microsoft and Shopify Partner to Help Merchants Grow Their Business, Microsoft Advertising Blog

Featured Image Source: Microsoft Advertising

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