Should eBay favor local sellers in search results?



Sat June 26, 2021 11:21:18 AM

By: Ina Steiner

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A major benefit of shopping online is that it doesn’t matter where an item is – the seller will ship it right to your front door. Small businesses in rural areas can compete with mega-merchants and retail chains.

But eBay’s search engine uses the location of the item as a factor in the sort order of search results, one of the many criteria it uses in its algorithm, including relevance, price, return policies, seller history, and popularity of the item. .

On his help page Explaining how to optimize listings for ‘Best Match’ search, eBay says, “Make sure your item gets to your buyer on time and use tracking where possible.” “

Sellers control which carriers they offer, often leaving it up to the buyer to choose whether they want to pay more for faster service.

But once the seller places the package in the hands of the carriers, delivery is out of their control. With the current challenges faced by carriers, it’s easy to see how seller location might favor some sellers over others.

eBay clearly understands the importance of speed of delivery and filed a patent, “Systems and Methods for Prioritizing Local Purchasing Options.”

Are you getting more orders from local buyers (and since when), or is it still a mix from across the country?

What could eBay do better to speed up delivery while managing buyers’ expectations?

Any predictions for the next holiday shopping season?

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