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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Simple Legal, a modern provider of legal operations software, today announced the availability of SimpleReview. AI technology supports simplified invoice review by analyzing, identifying and highlighting invoice errors. A hyper-targeted invoice review process allows corporate legal teams to reinvest bandwidth in higher impact work.

SimpleLegal’s AI models apply machine learning and natural language processing to understand the context of invoices and line items. The technology that powers SimpleReview continually learns with every data point it processes to reliably capture violations of billing guidelines from outside lawyers.

The scope of work of law firms for corporate legal services often results in invoices from outside lawyers that can span hundreds of pages and thousands of articles. Billing guidelines and human review help detect charges that are outside of the guidelines of outside lawyers. However, the volume of work and different descriptions of similar services can prove difficult, giving AI the ability to locate additional non-compliant charges.

“SimpleReview is an easy to use tool that has been seamlessly integrated into our invoicing process. The AI-powered functionality speeds up the exam and frees up bandwidth for our busy advisors. We quickly identified external advice billing violations that resulted in significant savings, ”said Eric Ortman, senior director of legal operations at BeiGene, a global biotechnology company focused on drug development and commercialization. innovators around the world.

SimpleReview supports SimpleLegal’s long-standing approach to keeping things simple. “Our goal is to give lawyers the ability to perform targeted invoice review with a high degree of rigor,” said Mark Weidick, Managing Director of SimpleLegal. “SimpleReview streamlines the tedious task of reviewing invoices and allows lawyers to be diligent without tiring themselves. “

A fundamental advantage of data for SimpleReview

Founded in 2013, SimpleLegal is the recognized leader in electronic invoicing and business management, positioning the company with millions of data points that encompass a wide range of different legal invoicing scenarios.

“Not all AIs are created – or trained – the same way. Insufficient training data results in less accuracy, more work, and lost cost savings for corporate legal departments. This is not the case with SimpleReview. With over $ 16 billion in historical billing data, our AI model can experience the many intricacies of real-world legal billing scenarios, ”said Shri Iyer, vice president of product and design for SimpleLegal .

A commitment to innovation

The year has been a year of recognition and innovation for SimpleLegal. “We’ve added some fantastic talent to our product team over the past six months,” said Iyer, who was recently named to Software Report’s 2021 Top 25 Software Product Managers list. “Growth is part of our promise to drive continued value for our users and enables us to support new innovations such as SimpleReview while improving our core product.

In addition to launching its first AI-powered legal invoice review feature, the company has won several awards. CIO Review named SimpleLegal one of the 20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solutions Providers of 2021, and Mirror Reviews included SimpleLegal in its list of “Top 10 Innovative Companies”.

How to find out more

SimpleReview is now available to all SimpleLegal customers. for more information, contact [email protected] or sign up for a demo.

About SimpleLegal

SimpleLegal provides a modern legal operations management platform that streamlines the way corporate legal departments manage their affairs, track and interpret expenses, and collaborate with vendors and law firms. SimpleLegal combines electronic invoicing and expense management, case management, supplier management, reporting and analysis into one comprehensive application to optimize legal operations and management of the entire legal department. The company, founded in 2013, is a privately held company located in Mountain View, California. For more information visit

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