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The editors of HDT are highlighting some of their best pieces that you might have missed in 2021.

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At the end of the year, we tend to post lots of lists of the best stories from the past 12 months. They are usually based on web statistics that tell us how many people have read, listened to, or watched. But every year there are also stories that for some reason don’t get as much attention as they should.

Maybe they were posted on a day when there was a lot of hot news to compete with, or too close to a holiday or major event, or we didn’t do a great job writing a title that caught your eye.

So I asked our editorial team what stories they covered this year that didn’t make the first lists they should have. Here are two picks from each publisher that we think deserve a second look. We’ll start with yours.

Deborah Lockridge, Editor-in-Chief

Trucking company hits back at nuclear verdicts

My interview with John Vaccaro was one of the most fascinating of the year. Here is a trucking company that narrowly avoided a nuclear verdict, a case in which a plaintiff’s lawyer attacked all of his family’s affairs. We chatted for an hour, and his passion for his business, for his drivers, for safety, was striking. “I remember lying that night on the floor in the basement of my house, [thinking], ‘What could I have done to prevent this?’ Take the time to read about Vaccaro’s three-year nightmare and what he learned from it.

What truck fleets need to know about ESG

My second choice is one of my editorials, this one from the May issue. ESG stands for environmental, social and corporate governance. If you haven’t yet received an RFP from a shipper requesting information about your company’s ESG policies or related topics such as sustainability, it’s probably just a matter of time. Click and see why I think this is an important topic for trucking companies of all sizes.

Vesna Brajkovic, editor-in-chief

With the driver shortage on everyone’s mind, two articles by Editor-in-Chief Vesna Brajkovic should be on anyone’s reading list interested in recruiting and retaining drivers:

Driver loyalty: get shippers on your side

Ask any driver on the road what he hates about the job, and there is bound to be a waste of time and mistreatment from senders and receivers. For this October HDT cover story, Vesna spoke to fleets with good retention rates and came up with four ways for fleet managers to bring shippers to their side when it comes to satisfying the drivers.

HDT Talks Trucking Podcast: Inside a High School Truck Driver Training Program

“I struggled in high school… it wasn’t until after I got to truck driving school that I realized I was very successful,” says Dein. So he worked on creating a non-traditional training program for high school truck drivers. Listen to Vesna talk to Dave about how trucking “gave him life” and what he is doing to attract more young people to the industry. There are actually two versions of this, so take your pick; the audio podcast linked above is a bit different and a bit longer than the video version.

Jim Park, Equipment Editor

HDT Talks Trucking Podcast: Are You Worried About Cyber ​​Security? You should be.

The world is electronic now, which means there are doors in our lives and businesses that we would rather stay closed. Cyber ​​attacks are not limited to large companies. Small fleets may not even see themselves as targets, let alone know how to protect themselves. The FBI said last spring that the trucking industry has become a significant and growing target for hackers. So listen to this January 2021 episode of HDT Talks Trucking, where Jim Park talks to Kevin Linardic, CTO at Carrier Logistics, about the extent of the threat and the ways in which even small fleets can work to build a defense. .

How to maximize trailer space

With cargo capacity at a premium, an article on the latest platform systems that allow you to use space in your trailer most efficiently should be a natural. But it didn’t really set anyone on fire. So here’s another look at this report from the magazine from May 2021.

Jack Roberts, Senior Contributing Writer

How telematics is transforming trailers

Perhaps it was the word “telematics,” which is an incredibly broad term, that kept this September HDT feature from gaining more attention, along with its related story, “How telematics is changing the cold chain. “. But trailer telematics has the potential to transform maintenance and freight management. Jack Roberts explores how “smart trailers,” equipped with sensors on everything from tire pressure to cargo, can deliver information as simple as “Where’s my trailer? Or as complex as a real-time report on the current state of the equipment.

Volvo takes climate change seriously

The Alternative Clean Transportation Expo returned this year after a COVID-19 hiatus, and an incredible amount has changed in the past two years. Jack Roberts was there and shared this story on the show’s opening session. Peter Voorhoeve, president and CEO of Volvo Trucks North America, spoke of a new “sense of urgency,” saying Volvo is committed to delivering a range of 100% zero-emission commercial vehicles by 2040. If you missed it and you’re interested in knowing more about the push to zero emissions, read it.

David Cullen, Associate Business / Washington Editor

Cargo digitization: what does it mean for your fleet?

Cargo digitization is a syllable-heavy phrase that is used in trucking and logistics today. But what does this really mean? And how does the process it defines affect the movement of freight – and your fleet? David Cullen spoke with several fleets for this July cover story to learn how they are leveraging digital technology to better control the flow of cargo in a way that makes everyone happier, from shippers to drivers.

Electric Truck Ecosystem: What it takes to make BEVs work

For our September issue, we delved into the zero emissions puzzle. Part of that was this functionality that delves into what it takes for a fleet to add battery electric utility vehicles to their operations. Find out why a conversion plan for your fleet should be forward thinking and encompass everything from the vehicle to its charging plan and a charging infrastructure dedicated to financing or leasing all or part of these elements.


Deborah Lockridge

Reporting on trucking since 1990, Deborah is known for her award-winning magazine editorials and in-depth articles on a variety of issues, from driver shortage and maintenance to rapidly changing technology. 28 Jesse H. Neal Honors.

See the biography

Reporting on trucking since 1990, Deborah is known for her award-winning magazine editorials and in-depth articles on a variety of issues, from driver shortage and maintenance to rapidly changing technology. 28 Jesse H. Neal Honors.

See the biography

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