The 19 Best Hair Dryers in 2022

If you’re making your plans around your hair routine, just know that you’re not alone. Coordinating your social schedule and laundry schedule requires detailed, strategic thinking that can easily go wrong (because who really can have dinner only on wednesdays and saturdays)? Yet a wrinkle in the washing schedule somehow disrupts everything, resulting in a frenetic prep routine.

Luckily, we live in a time where nearly every hair challenge has been met through one tool or another. Doing a salon at home has never been easier, especially with these 19 best hair dryers that will make any sudden change in plans a blimp on your radar. Good styling!

19 Best Hair Dryers

Best Overall Hair Dryer: Dyson Supersonic, $429.99 at Ulta

It wouldn’t be a roundup of hair tools if we didn’t include Dyson. The Supersonic hair dryer is a crowd favorite for its heat-protecting, quick-drying and anti-frizz technology. It comes with five attachments so you can tailor your blowout to your hair type.

Best hair dryer for thick hair: Ghd Helios 1875w Advanced Professional Hairdryer, $279 at Ulta

Ghd Helios hair dryer

The prices speak for themselves with this tool. The ghd Helios hair dryer has won 10 awards (and counting), all well-deserved given its Aeroprecis technology which creates airflow moving at 75 mph. Thick hair is no match for the perfect storm of power, speed and control that is the Helios.

Best ionic hair dryer: Hot Tools Pro Artist 2000 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer, $139.99 at Ulta

hot tool hair dryer

Ionic hair dryers help reduce drying time, making them ideal for anyone on the go. This one from Hot Tools not only has an impressive 2000 watt motor, but is also made with ceramic and ionic technology to fight frizz in record time. Use the ionizer switch to toggle between releasing and retaining ions, depending on whether you want a volumizing or smoothing airflow.

Best hair dryer for curly hair: DevaCurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser, $175 at Ulta

DevaCurl hair dryer

As Flo Rida said – where they loops at? Well, something like that, but we know exactly where and how to find your best curls with the DevaCurl hair dryer. It features ionic technology and a patented hand-shaped diffuser that delivers 360-degree airflow to all your strands for even drying.

Best travel hair dryer: T3 Afar Travel Hair Dryer, $179.99 at Sephora

T3 travel hair dryer

Don’t let the size fool you – this T3 travel hair dryer will give you a luxury hair experience wherever you go. Even though it’s smaller than the standard, this dryer still features powerful IonAir technology with 6 heat and speed combinations. Bonus: It’s built with a collapsible handle and automatic dual tension so you can easily adapt to your new environment. (See what we did there?)

Best cordless hair dryer: LyLux Cordless Hair Dryer, $161.99 at Amazon

LyLux cordless hair dryer

Peek into the future with this high-tech wireless hair dryer from LyLux. The rechargeable dryer is ideal for adventures where outlets may be scarce, but due to its cordless nature, the styling power and heat aren’t as strong as others. If you’re in the market to try a cordless styling tool, the Lylux is your best bet for a head start, but we have a feeling there’s a lot more innovation to come.

Best Blow Dry Brush: The Double Shot Drybar Hair Dryer Brush, $155 at Ulta

Drybar hair brush

Hair dryer brushes have grown in popularity over the past few years for good reason: they provide a complete blow-dry experience at home. The Double Shot Hair Dryer Brush is one of the best on the market with a 2.4 inch oval shaped barrel and ionic technology that creates a smooth, bouncy finish. We expect nothing less than the innovation of the holy grail of all blowouts: Drybar.

Best hair dryer for fine/light hair: Eva NYC Spectrum Far Infrared Dryer, $89.99 at Ulta

Eva NYC hair dryer

This Eva NYC hair dryer is *the chef’s kiss* for fine hair as it uses red-beam far infrared technology that heats the hair from the inside out, protecting the cuticle and the overall health of your strands . Not to mention that it also has an 1875 watt motor and ionic technology.

Best volumizing hair dryer: Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000, $249 at Dermstore

Harry Josh hair dryer

Harry Josh sets the bar high in a world where many hair dryers offer volumizing potential. The Pro Dryer 2000 features a dual filtration system that reduces energy consumption, a 2000 hour AC motor and is handmade in France. It has 8 combinations of heat, speed, and ion settings to easily switch between smoothing and powerful volumizing capabilities.

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Best Quick Dry Hair Dryer: BaBylissPRO Volare dryer, $189.99 at Ulta

BaBylissPRO Volare tumble dryer

Italian-bred with a need for speed – the Volare hair dryer from BaBylissPRO is one of the best speedy hair dryers out there thanks to its Ferrari-built 2000 watt motor, as mentioned by Forbes. If that doesn’t sound powerful enough, it also has a “turbo” button for an extra burst of intense, focused airflow. Your wet locks don’t stand a chance against this nano-titanium infused grid and three-port ion generator!

Best hair dryer rated by Amazon: Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer, $19.88 at Amazon

Revlon infrared hair dryer

The public has spoken on the best hair dryer…and by public, we mean Amazon reviewers. This Revlon hair dryer has blown away nearly 28,000 people who gave it a 5 star rating with its affordable price, infrared technology, 1875 watt motor, ceramic coating and tourmaline technology. One member, SewMarci, remarked in their review, “I was so skeptical. Then I used it. You could have blown me away with that, I was so surprised. Normally I’m lucky to have my hair slightly dry within minutes. In about 3 (minutes) my hair was 3/4 dry. And it was hot!

Best hair dryer for weak arms: Ga.Ma Italy Professional IQ Perfectto, $399.95 at Ulta

Ga.Ma Italy Professional IQ Perfectto

If your arms aren’t tired after a full blow-dry, we’d like to know what your upper body workout routine is. For the rest of us people with weak arms, there is a solution: the Ga.Ma Professional IQ Perfetto. Claimed to be the lightest hair dryer in the world, Ga.Ma weighs around 0.7 pounds/10.3 ounces. It’s a fan favorite for being quiet, sleek, smart and powerful. It has Oxy Active technology, memory function, automatic cleaning and an intelligent brushless motor.

Best professional hair dryers:

Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Quick Dryer, $295 at Ulta

Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Quick Dryer

When in doubt, copy the pros, especially when it comes to hot tools. This professional Bio Ionic hair dryer is appreciated for its lightness, speed and innovation. It can dry hair in less than 10 minutes thanks to its Moisturizing Heat technology and Volcanic MX blend, a combination of volcanic rock and mineral complex that locks in moisture and seals the cuticle for unparalleled shine.

Buttercup Drybar Hairdryer, $199 at Ulta

Buttercup Drybar Hairdryer

The Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer is another phenomenal option for anyone looking to replicate their professional Drybar salon blowout at home. The dryer’s ionic technology, wave heater and 1875-watt motor create even air distribution and deliver fast, bright blows.

Celebrity Tested Best Hair Dryer: Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Touchscreen Hairdryer, $255 at Macy’s

Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo Touchscreen Hair Dryer

vogue reported that this Paul Mitchell hair dryer is used by Cardi B’s stylist, Sandrine Diah, and that’s all the info we need! If it’s good enough for Cardi, then it’s good enough for us. The high-tech dryer features a backlit touchscreen, 1875-watt motor, and “ionic feature” to fight frizz and provide fast drying without damaging your strands.

Best budget hair dryer: InfinitiPRO by Conair Quick Styling Salon Hair Dryer, $39.99 at Ulta

InfinitiPRO by Conair Quick Styling Salon Hair Dryer

While we wish we could splurge on every new tool, more often than not, a bargain is what we really need, deep down, and Conair never disappoints. The proven brand succeeds once again with the InfinitiPRO Quick Styling Salon hair dryer with ceramic technology. It’s both affordable and powerful with an 1875 watt motor and has a removable lint filter to keep things clean.

Best anti-frizz hair dryer: T3 AireLuxe Hair Dryer, $199.99 at Dermstore

AireLuxe T3 Hairdryer

This T3 hair dryer will have your hair shiny and frizz-free in less than T minus five minutes (or so it is). It features a powerful fan that has 128% wider airflow, an ion generator that keeps frizz away by infusing hair with 10 million negative ions per second, and 15 heat and heat settings. of speed. It really has everything you need to achieve your sleek, straight hair goals.

Best Protective/Least Harmful Hair Dryer: Elchim 3900 Healthy Hair Ceramic Hair Dryer, $168-176 at Elchim

Elchim 3900 Healthy Hair ceramic hair dryer

It may seem hopeless to search for a hot hair tool that doesn’t damage hair, but believe it or not, this Elchim hair dryer makes the impossible possible. The 3900 Healthy Ionic dryer uses an electromagnetic wave protection system and ionic and ceramic technology to moisturize the hair and eliminate electrostatic charges. Not to mention that it has also won several awards from Allure and Vogue UK.

Best multi-use hair dryer: Dyson Airwrap, $599 at Sephora

Dyson Air Wrap

All roads (hair related) tend to start and end with Dyson. The innovative tech brand has turned the at-home styling experience upside down with its Airwrap. The kit comes with six attachments to help you achieve any hairstyle imaginable in record time without extreme heat.

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