Top soda makers in Consumer Reports tests


We made dozens of seltzer bottles to rate all four soda makers in our testing. We rate each model on its ease of use, including when attaching and removing cylinders and using the controls. We use standard 14 ounce CO₂ bottles, which will work in any soda maker.

To judge whether a soda maker produces equally sparkling soda bottles, we start by using ice water, which carbonates better, and we install a gauge on the cap to measure the gas pressure inside each. bottle. “You can expect bottles with the same internal gas pressure to produce roughly the same amount of fizz,” says Deitrick. We also check the maximum gas pressure each machine can add to the water, for people who want a real sparkle weasel.

In the bottle cap test, we see how easy it is to release the pressure from each brand’s carbonated bottle without spilling soda all over the place. “When a highly carbonated bottle has been left for a while – or has warmed up or been shaken – some of the gas that has been pumped into the water enters the space at the top of the bottle, so that the gas pressure inside increases, ”says Deitrick. . “If the pressure isn’t gently released, the soda can come out quickly and you have a bubbly mess.”

For the icing test, we look at whether the CO₂ nozzle freezes, an issue with some designs that can affect the level of fizz. When high pressure CO₂ comes out of the injector, its temperature drops and can freeze water on the nozzle. When the injector is blocked, the gas can be diverted to the side of the bottle, instead of being directly in the water, so that it does not carbonate as well.

So how did the soda makers do with our tests? Read on for the ratings and reviews of each.

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