Top Tech that you can buy under Rs 2000

Mother’s Day 2022 will be celebrated on May 8, and major online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart are holding their sale events where customers can check out plenty of gadgets at discounted rates. If you’re thinking of buying something special for your mom, there are a bunch of “tech options” you can check out. It can be TWS headphones that they connect to their smartphones, smart lights to set the mood of the room according to their preferences, or even an e-reader if she likes to read.

Here are gadgets at different price points that you can choose from for Mother’s Day 2022.

Less than Rs 500 (Amazon, Flipkart)

ZunPulse 10W Wi-Fi smart bulb – Rs 499: Smart bulbs are becoming more and more popular these days because you can set the mood of the room with your phone. You can also switch on and call via the phone application. The ZunPulse 10W Wi-Fi Smart Bulb works with Android smartphones, but iPhone users may have trouble connecting the bulb.

JBL C50HI wired in-ear headphones with mic – Rs 449: You can even choose JBL in-ear headphones that can work with smartphones with a 3.5mm audio jack. The headphones are available in three colors: blue, red and black.

Nova Temperature Control Professional NHS 860 Hair Straightener – Rs 494: Another option you can check out is the Nova hair straightener which offers many options to control the temperature. Users can choose from four temperature settings and it has a ceramic coating.

Less than Rs 1,000 (Amazon, Flipkart)

ZunPulse 12W Wi-Fi smart bulb – Rs 1000: If you’re looking for a brighter smart light, the ZunPulse 12W Smart Light won’t disappoint. The app comes with multiple lighting modes – like reading, movie, etc. It works easily with an Android phone, but iPhone users may have a little trouble.

OnePlus 1000mAh external battery – Rs 999: Powerbanks are also good options to consider in this range. Since we all travel with less COVID 19 restrictions, it’s a handy piece of technology to carry around at all times.

SYSKA SSK-TL-8605L POWERLIGHT 10W LED table lamp with 3-step dimming lighting – Rs 759 : Lamps are another good option and have several use cases. The SYSKA lamp offers three light levels, and users can also bend the neck to adjust the light.

Less than Rs 2,000 (Amazon, Flipkart)

Oppo Enco Air 2 – Rs 1,999: One of the best TWS headphones you will find under Rs 2,000. The headphones deliver bass-rich sound output and feature an AirPods-like design. If you’re planning on getting a quality audio device for Mother’s Day, it’s worth considering.

Dizo 2 Sports watch – Rs 1,999: Smartwatches are popular smartphone accessories these days to help you track health metrics. The Dizo 2 watch not only looks good, but offers many features.

Combo Echo Flex with Philips 9W LED smart color – Rs 1,799: The Amazon Flex is essentially a smart speaker that plugs directly into a power outlet and lets you access Alexa just about anywhere, like a bathroom, laundry room, or garage. It helps you control smart devices in far corners.

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