UKLASH reports 300% year-on-year sales increase as lash category forecast to be worth $2.39 billion by 2027


The UK’s top-selling eyelash and eyebrow serum brand has seen substantial sales growth across all categories during the pandemic – and continues to sell a product every 30 seconds globally

UKLASH is at the forefront of exponential growth in the lash category. Due to changing beauty trends during and after lockdown, where ‘Zoom Face’ has challenged traditional beauty ideals and the closure of salons and salon services has inhibited professional treatments, consumers continue to spend more on their eyelash habits at home.

With the false eyelash market expected to register a growth rate of 7.30% by 2027, the need for innovative and effective eyelash products is evident.

However, the 300% increase in UKLASH sales reports over the year indicates a growing need for an alternative to false eyelash applicators, with consumers turning to ways to enhance their natural lashes at home.

UKLASH’s range of safe, easy to use and affordable serums have been proven to increase eyelash volume by up to 78%, attracting a loyal and regular customer base worldwide, in over 118 countries.

Head of category

UKLASH has become the world’s fastest growing brand in the eyelash and eyebrow serum categories, according to retailers that stock the brand – Feelunique, Beauty Beauty and QVC, with a product from the UKLASH range sold every 30 seconds in the world.

The brand has gained worldwide recognition and appeal, with over 40,000 5-star reviews reported by online retailers, e-comms and TrustPilot, as well as multiple industry awards and positive reviews from titles such as VOGUE, Glamor and The Independent.

UKLASH continues to show exponential international growth across the globe, with the UK and US being reported as the fastest growing markets for the brand, followed by Australia, Canada and India. Ireland.

How it works

UKLASH’s success to date can be attributed to its powerful ingredient formulas, available at low cost to consumers. Containing an exclusive blend of peptides, biotin, vitamin B5 and flower extracts, UKLASH eyelash and eyebrow serums work to stimulate length and volume growth and reduce fallout while hydrating and hydrating eyelashes and existing eyebrows down to the hairline.

Our eyelashes and eyebrows follow a cycle of about three months. This includes a growth phase, a transition phase and a resting phase; the resting phase is when our hair begins to fall out, before new growth in the growth phase.

UKLASH serums work to reduce fallout and encourage new growth, while strengthening and nourishing existing hair during the resting phase. The brand’s eyelash and eyebrow serums are recommended to be used once a day for 8-12 weeks for best results.

While the potency and results of UKLASH formulas rival even the most expensive serums on the market, which can cost up to 4 times more, it’s important for the brand to keep costs affordable, ensuring that products UKLASH are accessible to as many consumers as possible. ./p>

Speaking of the launch, Founder Nima Pourian adds:

“After years of working with different brands of eyelash serums, I saw a gap in the market for a fun yet functional brand. Inspired by my two sisters, who were always looking for products to help amplify their eyelashes and their eyebrows, I wanted to create a cosmetic product that not only makes you look great, but is fun to use and also solves problems.”

“It was important to me to create a fun, colorful and creative eyelash serum brand that stands out and actually works. Having spent most of my youth in the UK, which is now my second home, I wanted UKLASH to be a top British brand, and as the market had been dominated for many years by American functional brands, I wanted to inject some fun into the category.”

“With over 15 years of experience in e-commerce, it was important to create a strong B2C beauty brand that will be offered online globally to everyone.”

Beyond the eyelashes

UKLASH deals with more than eyelashes and eyebrows – since launching in 2018, UKLASH has grown from a single category offering to launching NPD across multiple categories.

To date, UKLASH now produces category-leading eyebrow serum, followed by hair – with two product offerings – Hair Gummies and Hair Growth Serum, makeup with the launch of Volume Boost mascara, accessories and, more recently, a foray into skincare with Hydra-Gel Eye Patches.

What’s next for the brand

2022 is set to be another big year for UKLASH as the brand’s existing product range expands. The brand’s goal is to become the number one home brand for eyelash and eyebrow enhancement.

UKLASH has already experienced strong international growth and plans to expand further internationally and expand partnerships with retailers around the world.

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UKLASH is available on, and with prices from £9.99


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