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Hello Marketers, and have you ever been “Instagram influenced” to buy something?

Even when I know I’m “influenced” or retargeted, sometimes the marketing is so good I just have to give in and buy it. My most recent targeted purchase was a fancy set of new casseroles that Instagram i just knew I needed.

I’ve seen ads for this brand for probably at least a year (it’s fine for them to play the long game), and I finally broke last weekend and did my pan research. This included searching on Google, competitor comparisons, clicking on search ads, and visiting multiple social media profiles. After chatting with a friend, who confirmed that my college cookware probably needed replacing, I finally converted.

It reminded me of Google’s recent DDA announcement and the offline conversion importer they just launched (more details below). Was the pan company able to attribute my journey to all the channels I attended before I finally made a purchase? I guess not exactly.

And that’s the problem with attribution. No matter how hard we try, there will always be something that might not get all the credit it deserves, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t at least contribute something to the final conversion.

Carolyn Lyden,
Director of Research Content

Le tl; dr: What happened in research this week? Here is the DL …

  • Google Ads is announcing data-driven, machine-learning-based attribution models in a new privacy landscape. Following the loss of data to FLoC, Google’s new DDA solution appears to offer more attribution options, even for small accounts.
  • Should the robots.txt file support non-indexing functionality? “I would like to avoid adding more guidelines. I am still not aware of the common issues caused by this documented functionality, ”said John Mueller.
  • Microsoft Advertising’s new credit card ads continue their line of industry-specific products. The new format is being rolled out in open beta for advertisers targeting customers in the United States and Canada.
  • E-commerce SEO guide: new documentation from Google. Google’s new guide provides ecommerce SEOs with documentation they can pass on to customers and stakeholders to get their recommendations implemented.
  • The best SMX rates expire this Saturday… book now and save! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn actionable, brand-safe tactics to overcome the critical search marketing hurdles you face today – and get ready for what’s to come in 2022.

Google Ads launches new budget report

Google Ads launches new budget report to visualize the behavior of monthly campaign spending, business announcement Thusday.

What the budget report shows. The budget report shows daily spend, your campaign’s monthly spend limit (solid gray line), your monthly spend forecast (dotted blue line), cost to date (solid blue line), and any budget changes. that you made during that particular month.

Why we care This new report can help advertisers understand how changing their budget can impact campaign spend limits, how past changes to the average daily budget can affect performance and spending limits, and how much they are. expected to pay at the end of the month. This information can then be used to improve their planning.

Read more here.

Yelp Adds Virtual Restaurant Attribute To Help Reduce Customer Confusion

Since the start of the pandemic, Yelp has rolled out a number of profile attributes for restaurants, ranging from vaccine-related reviews to attributes for LGBTQ and Asian businesses. Now, the platform is deploying a Virtual Kitchens attribute (pictured above) for ghost kitchens, virtual restaurants, and virtual food courts to identify with potential customers and reduce confusion over what dining experiences are. ‘they propose.

Why we care In the second quarter of 2021, business openings for food delivery services were up 166% from pre-pandemic levels, according to Yelp. While these take-out or delivery-only restaurants offer customers a potentially safer dining option, they can also disappoint customers looking to dine out. The Virtual Kitchens attribute can help set expectations, which in turn can lead to better reviews and more business.

Read more here.

OCI Support Tool

“Importing your offline conversions makes it easier: you can measure what happens in the offline world after your ad has a click or call to your business, then use that data to find similar prospects. High quality.” says Stephen Chang, Product Manager, Google Ads in an ad this week.

To help advertisers with the process of importing offline conversions, Google Ads has announced the launch of Offline Conversion Import Helper (OCI) this week. This is how it works:

  • Answer questions to confirm your account compatibility, tracking solutions, sales journey, and the team that will help you with the implementation.
  • Once you’ve assigned team members to each role in the process, the OCI Assistant will assist them at every step, providing step-by-step instructions and timely email notifications when it’s theirs. turn to act.

Vacation shoppers start early this year, according to data from Microsoft Advertising

As Black Friday was the official start of the holiday season, new survey data from Microsoft Advertising says that starting your retail strategy in late November is likely too late.

“Consumers are doing more research on products before buying. Now, the research phase can last 30 days or more. So even though they buy more, they are taking longer than ever to research before they buy. It’s a good thing for advertisers who are planning it, ”said Stephanie Worley, Global Brand Marketer at Microsoft Advertising.

Other trends Microsoft predicted this year?

  • Alternative payment and delivery methods will be requested.
  • Sustainability will be a trend.
  • Advertising competition will be high.

Check out the blog for more tips on how to prepare your retail strategy or download their holiday shopping report for more ways to prepare for the most wonderful time of year.

Quote of the day

“What everyone tells you: get buy-in for your marketing strategies! What no one tells you: HOW? FANTASTIC HOW? I thought the formula was: business case + action plan + capacity. If you had these 3, you could do great things. But if you work in a place that requires you to work with other humans, all my old strategy does is turn you into the marketing version of Rick Sanchez: an erratic genius who is just as likely to burn down the building as to double revenues, ”Brendan Hufford wrote on LinkedIn. So how should you get membership? Check out a vice president’s recommendations here.

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