World First, Mango Power Launches Power Plant Designed to Meet Home and Portable Energy Needs



All it takes is an unfortunate gust of wind to blow a branch into a local power line, and suddenly our devices, our communications devices, even the climate controls in our home are rendered inoperable. In a world where electricity is no longer a mere commodity, but a necessity of modern life, being without electricity can make you feel, well… helpless. Obsolete solutions like gas generators; Intolerably loud, spewing carbon monoxide, gas-powered machines have naturally fallen out of favor. Portable and reliable power plants running on renewable energy sources are still unaffordable for most, but Mango Power is looking to change that.

After decades of development, power plant technology has improved dramatically in recent years. Increased densities for lithium-ion batteries, sophisticated new software and power management technology now mean that portable power plants can deliver dramatically improved capacity and efficiency. Unfortunately, the market has so far been dominated by undersized products; popular products from Jackey for heavy use; or too big for laptop use.

A little mango power background

But consumers perhaps never having heard of Mango Power, the company is quickly making waves in the home generator world. Mango Power is a renewable energy start-up based in the United States and China that develops high-end energy storage products and accessories. Their flagship model, the Mango Power Union, has not yet been released but is already creating a buzz.

Overview: What is the Mango Power Union?

The Mango Power Union is a modular powerhouse consisting of a large, rugged base unit and a smaller detachable unit designed for portability. This smaller module – “Power Moves” – comes with an impressive 2000 watts of power and a capacity of 2000 watt hours, designed to be carried anywhere consumers need a power supply. When attached to the rugged “Mango Home” base module, they form the Mango Power Union, a power unit more powerful than any portable power station that consumers can find on the market today.

Specifications of Mango Power Union:


Mango Power Union

Mango Power Move Detached

Battery capacity &

6.9 kWh, premium EV polymer
NCM battery cell

2.3 kWh, high-end EV
NCM Polymer Battery Cell

Continuous / peak power

4000W / 6600W

2000W / 3300W

AC outlets

5 * 20A AC outlets

DC output

5 * QC 3.0 27W USB ports

2 * 20w wireless charging port

1 * 12V / 10A car socket

1 * USB firmware update


MPPT solar charge 3000W max (12-

3300W wall load

1500W MPPT solar charge
Max (12-250V)

1100W wall load

App remote control



A transparent house 24/7
Backup and UPS




X 10

X 10


446 * 346 * 678 mm

17.6 * 13.6 * 26.7 inch

446 * 346 * 290 mm

17.6 * 13.6 * 11.4 inch

Design and power

The Mango Power Union is unlike any other lithium power station on the market today. The battery is housed in a smooth, polished, anodized aluminum shell and wrapped in a chromatic light belt, making it look more like hypermodern art than a giant battery.

Under the hood, however, is a plethora of various sockets, including 5 20A power outlets and 6 USB-A ports.

On its own, each Mango Power Union unit can deliver up to 4000W of continuous power, 8000W of surge and 6.9kWh of capacity. That’s enough to run most of your home for almost a week. But these units are designed to be scalable; consumers ca hook 10 Mango Power Unions together if necessary. That would give users a theoretical capacity of 10 weeks without power, more than long enough to withstand the worst storms.

Power your home or take it on the go

The feature most often highlighted by the inventors of The Mango Power Unions is its modular design. This breaks down the barriers between a traditional portable power plant and a residential solar battery.

When portability is needed, the user can simply detach the top part of the Union and get going and when you need a boost in home power, just re-install the module in its dock. This combination of portability, robust power delivery and ease of use makes the Mango Power Union very different from any other modular portable power plant on the market today.


Featuring Mango Power’s advanced Fusion Super Charging technology, the Union charges 3kW via AC or solar panels, which means you can charge the entire unit in under 3 hours. It’s fast charging time. During the time it takes to fully charge a laptop battery, Union engineers have managed to pack a week of electricity into their power plant.


The Mango Power Union also has an app so that you can check the status of your Union and change its settings wherever you are. consumers May be.

Pricing and availability

Mango Power Union has an all-in-one home and portable design with integrated PV inverter and backup gateway, providing an integrated solution for consumers. He will adopt a very aggressive pricing strategy. More product information will be published on Indiegogo and on its official website in July. Stay tuned for the latest information in the link

Now users can book a super early bird slot with just $ 4.99 in their website. Mango Power Team will also donate a tree for each early bird.

SOURCE Mango Future Technology


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