YouTube takes it a step further with in-built shopping functionality with the launch of Live Video / Digital Information World product selection options


YouTube is one of the best platforms when it comes to watching videos and while the app is a great place to consume content, it’s also a safe space for users who can trust creators with their product reviews. and their unpacking.

For a very long time, viewers trusted creators with their reviews of certain products before making their best buy and YouTube understands the role it plays in online shopping. However, the tech company did not want to be limited to product reviews and understood early on in the importance of online shopping and also how it has dramatically increased during the pandemic period.

Therefore, whereas previously users who were looking to sell products through YouTube videos had to set up links to websites where users can purchase certain products in the description box, things changed at the beginning of This year.

YouTube offered an integrated shopping experience, where creators can insert certain products displayed in their videos into a drop-box-like page. All the products displayed in the video will be visible there and by pressing the “show” option, users can be directly linked to the space where they can purchase it.

This has been a successful feature for YouTube and now the tech company has plans to expand this feature and now introduce similar aspects in live videos.

Many of YouTube’s social media competitors, like Facebook, have long introduced such direct online drop-off boxes for purchases, while Walmart recently partnered with TikTok in this business as well. Besides these icons in videos, many platforms including Facebook, PopShopLive, Bambuser, etc. had also introduced this feature in live videos and YouTube had been trying to do the same for a long time.

Now, YouTube has teamed up with an Indian video-buying app, SimSim, to bring his thoughts to life. The new feature was announced today and will appear with a bunch of new options.

However, this functionality will be limited to certain creators for a period of time before being extended to other creators.

YouTube works exceptionally hard to create a safe and easy-to-use space for its users and we can’t wait to see what other really cool features it has in store for its audience.

Source: Google.

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